• In a tent in the middle of nowhere!
  • If I'm camping, we're eating fish, hot dogs, and hamburgers, and sleeping in a tent on the ground. Oh, and S'Mores!
  • Mincing about with a limp wrist talking about Shirley Bassey.
  • A log cabin in the woods. Or maybe RV-ing. (I would like to pitch a tent too, but only for a few days at most). :)
  • I like to rough it but with showers and toilets available. A tent and sleeping bags with an open fire are fine, but I like to have access to plumbing at least for showers every other day.
  • The closest I get to camping is a church retreat I go on, and it only counts as camping because I don't have Internet access and usually don't use my cell (except for emergencies). There are cabins with beds and AC/heat, three meals a day cooked by other people, and many many board games. But there is a bonfire with s'mores, and I can't get online -- so it's camping.
  • I like the cooking over the open fire, sitting by the fire drinkin some beers, sleeeping in my sleeping bag in my tent out in the open it, love it, love it! And don't forget the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for s'mores!
  • In my youth camping consisted of a rain-coat and a couple of bottles of vodka. Now I don't bring the vodka.
  • Cooking on the fire & eating at the picnic table is okay, but I like to wash up & sleep in a bed. So I like my RV with it's furnace. It's also better than a tent when you're ice fishing.
  • Survivor style ... only allowed to bring what can be easily carried and walked with ... first night's camp site is at least an 8 hour walk from nearest road, and second night's camp site is even deeper into the wild ... over half of the food to be consumed during the camping, must be either gathered or hunted ... Although I always bring a good water filter, so I'll have pure clean water to drink, the water source must be located and collected and carried ...
  • I like all kinds of camping, even the kind we do at home. And it depends on the weather, too. Sometimes I love winter camping in a tent and sledding or Xcountry skiing to each new site. Other times, I just want to take an easy trip and sit in my tiny RV with a cup of cocoa and xcountry ski around the area. We've really enjoyed going for up to 2 weeks out in the wilderness and not seeing anybody else. I love going out long dirt roads and then getting out and walking far inland or going along the beach and cliffs, running from the tides, on Vancouver Island's West Coast Trail. If there is a glacier, I want to go see it up close. If it's a waterfall 12 miles in, let's go and enjoy the view and the flora along the way.
  • The style of camping I like is more throw in the trunk and go camping. Then if you don't have everyhthing you have an excuse to go to the trading posts at the various sights. I am not into the gourmet stuff when I go camping. More hamburgers and s'mores. I like to eat potato chips and apples too when I go camping. So far I have never liked any of the tents that I camp in because I suffer from clastraphobia. Once when I went camping at the sand dunes there were some astronomy students there and we got to see some stars through their telescope that was really nice. Camping is a great adventure everytime I go.
  • I like the stae park level camping. set up the tent, have an open fire but also a water and elctrical hook up as well as a toilet fairly close by. I did enough of the hard core camping both in the Army and when I was younger. Now if I camp, an RV might be my next move.
  • As long as there is a clean, working restroom, I'm happy.
  • I like the kind with a bathroom and a hot shower.
  • I like backpacking. Carrying what you need on your back and heading toward a destination. As far as "just add water", that is exactly how most of my food is. Just add water and cook, no extra work. Ramen noodles, suddenly salads, tuna helpers, etc. A tent is the way to go and if it is a nice night, out under the stars is better (as long as there aren't too many skeeters!) This is my preferred way of camping, but with kids these last few years, my wife and I are doing more the "car camping." Driving to a spot, setting up the tent, and having the vehicle right there to hold all our gear (diaper bags, baby toys, etc.) If we both have a day off work, we'll even just grab our gear, stop at Little Caesers for a hot and ready and go off with the kids for a night at the state park!!!
  • My wife and I have been camping for 7 years full time. We eat fresh food cooked in a healthy way. We do not eat much processed foods. We have never eaten anything from a microwave even though we have a new one (Never used). I did hear that they are Great for sanitizing dish rags. We don't cut corners when preparing food. we do it as we always have. We have candlelit dinners occasionally.
  • Primitive camping! If something happens to you they can't drive to where you are, they have to send in a chopper! You're so isolated you don't see other people for weeks!

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