• It's a mixture of chemicals. Isopropyl Alcohol Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride Sodium Nitrite and others. Here's the data sheet:
  • Yes, and it has to do with barbers, not with Barbie: "Barbicide is a transparent blue disinfectant solution manufactured by King Research. It is used in barber shops and hair salons to disinfect items such as combs and scissors. In many salons each barber or hair stylist has his or her own supply of barbicide displayed on a shelf in a distinctive glass and stainless steel jar. Barbicide contains quaternary ammonium, perfume, and colouring. It is sold in concentrated solution which salons dilute with water. Barbicide's creator came up with the name because he hated going to the barber when he was a child. Just as suicide means killing oneself and homicide means killing another, he gave his creation the name Barbicide (meaning killing the barber) as a nod to his childhood." Source:

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