• i run everyday. that works really really well. i never had any body changes until i got up and moving. i don't feel good unless i've broken a 30 minute sweat every day. it worked quick too.
  • oops the rest of my answer didn't get posted: RIGHT after the run, i do bicycle crunches, 50 reps daily. it's extra beneficial to do toning while your heart is still racing. this tightened me up in the belly nicely. never thought i'd have abs.
  • I do a video called 8 minute ABs everyday its a easy to follow video and the work outs are not that hard you can locate this video on the eight wonder of the world Youtube just search in 8 minute Abs
  • the best ab workout is doing crunches well holding in your abs. Start out by do 5 minutes worst of crunches working up to 30 minutes.
  • you not only need a good excercise but also a low fat intake just so all ur hard work isnt wasted by the end of the next meal do crunches once in the moring when you just wake up and then at night before you sleep do exersises that really help u feel ur abs once you get used to an excersise try to do that exercise past mucle failure or start out with doing 10 rep at a time do as many sets of 10 you can and every week increase the no of repititions in each set by 2-5
  • i just go on a decline sit up bench and do a sit up but go really slow going up and even slower going down, sometimes with weights

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