• Yes. Bare Minerals make up. It's the best make up ever invernted.
  • I bought some fishing tackle. An they worked well.
  • No I never have. I thought about getting those space bags things, and one time I saw this cool herb growing thingie with special soil and lights, but I never bought anything. It is possible one of these days I might.
  • I have on a few items. I can't remember off the top of my head any except for the George Foreman Grill. I had the infomercial memorized along with the Sobakowa Pillow when I was, like, 13. There really wasn't anything on at 3 A.M. back then. :) I didn't really use the George Foreman grill much. I bought it with hopes of reducing my cooking time because I didn't like browning hamburger on the stovetop. I figured out how to microwave meat and I haven't really used it since.
  • A while back I've bought a couple things; they never worked like they showed you on the very convincing infomercial. I got the rubber broom that's supposed to sweep and mop and remove the smallest particle . I also got oxyclean, a steam iron,kaboom, storage bags, the sobakowa pillows (the only thing these pillows do is give you a stiff neck), I don't remember what else at the moment.

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