• Terribly! I hate finishing a good book, I feel lost for days until I find another that I can loose myself in again :)
  • YES! It is dangerous! I have to be careful reading fiction because I get to wrapped up in it that I stay up all night to get to the end of the story. My husband has woken in the morning to find me scrunched up in bed, still reading. I started crying at the end of "Lamb" just because I *knew* what was going to happen to Christ, but I had to read it anyway. I frequently drive a length of 8 hours and I take books on CD with me. It is just as bad. When I was listening to "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner, I sat in my Jeep for 30 minutes AFTER I had driven all the way from DC to the beach in NC just to listen to the end. My husband wandered out and found me in my Jeep and asked if I was ever planning on coming inside.
  • Yeah its annoying! You feel kinda lost! I started reading the harry potter books the other week after loving the films am half way thru the 5th and im dreading when i finish them all :(
  • Yes so I look for other books the author has written.
  • Yes. I read Stephen King's Insomnia and I was so sad that I was done, I cried at the end of it! I wished so bad that it wasnt over! SO, the next day I started on one of King's other books, The Stand. That one took me awhile to read cause it's over 600 pages long! But, it was so good I never wanted it to end, so once again, I cried at the end of it! I love SK, I can't get enough of him! I wonder which one I should read next!?!
  • yesyesyes! I can think of several books tht i just wasn't ready tp be done with! left wanting more info!
  • Yes, but its on to the Sequel!!!! ^_^
  • Great question! Hasn't happened too often, but there are those rare authors who create characters and stories so compelling that you feel sad to leave them!
  • I had an odd experience with a favorite series when in a book late in the series a character who was the one who was a favorite was relegated to the role of a supportive but inactive parent. Her mother had more role in the original book "A Wrinkle in Time" than Meg did in the last book "House like a Lotus" it was also an odd departure from exploration of time and space, to an exploration of the deeply personal. I still loved the series individually and together, but I found myself looking for a comfortable something that was gone from the closing.
  • Yes it does!! It is very rare though that I find a great ending....most I can figure out.
  • Sometimes, yes.
  • Yes, I feel that way too.
  • Sometimes. It happened to me with Dodie Smith's "I Capture the Castle" - I felt like the narrator was my friend by the end of it and I was really upset that she'd stopped talking to me.
  • Totally. It is like leaving a friend forever.
  • I felt that way about Angels&Demons by Dan Brown. And with The Lord Of The Rings trilogy by J.R.R.Tolkien.
  • Oh yeah! Finishing the last Harry Potter book was the worst, because after reading the entire series, I was so attached to all the characters!
  • Not a bit. My goal is to finish reading a book, and then move on to the next book.

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