• If it was safe there would be no warnings.
  • NO, it is NOT safe. I accidently put one in my battery charger one time and it spewed battery acid everywhere. Warnings are for a reason!
  • I am now safely recharging alkaline batteries. Yes, they can leak a little potassium hydroxide. I have safely worked with the stronger sodium hydroxide, not recommended, however. A slow recharge is best and some monitoring is good as you build some confidence. The environment is part of the consideration. Cost is part of the consideration. Battery manufacturers have an obviously biased position against getting extra life from their disposable product; more profit; corrosive landfill. I can tell you with a big smile, once you've bypassed all the fear and hype....recharging is a rush. It's fun and YES!, please be carefull with all electrical and chemical situations. Do more investigation in all cases.
  • Alkaline is OK but not recommended. Non-alkaline should NEVER be recharged. The ones that are made for recharging are the only fully safe kind.
  • The battery container for regular batteries are not designed to hold their contents when heated. Recharging generates heat in the battery and then pressure, then most likely physical leakage. Simply not worth it for the possible extended life(which is very limited)
  • They are not exaggerating.
  • They definitely will explode! When I was a kid I pluged a D size battery into a 110 outlet one time it hummed for a few seconds and then exploded black stuff all over the place it went all-in my hair and stuff! Yeah they'll explode!

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