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  • I beleive a penis pump is the fastest way without needing pills. You can find a good penis pump at any 'sex' store, such as Castle here in Oregon.
  • There is no permanent way to enlarge the penis, with the exception of possibly very dangerous surgeries.
  • Also another way to experiment is with the coveted 'penis ring'. This is a ring, usually made of expandable plastic that is but at the base of the shaft, when the man is erect. Due to the constriction of the blood vessles, it can 'swell' the penis a small amount, and also helps restrict the speed of which the man reaches orgasm. Thus making overall lovemaking a longer experience. Just make sure it's worn properly, and that the mans pubic hair is not entangled in the ring, or you will have one grouchy man when it comes to removal! Always make sure it's a correct fit also, it can be a risk for coming off if too big, and a literal pain to get on if it's much too small, although it is meant to fit snug.
  • from my own experience, pills, pumps exercises etc. are all temporary. Pills are least likely to work at all. Pumping has enlarged my penis by 1.5" and it remains this way but i have been pumping once a week for about a year. I have had it up to 3 inches longer and much thicker but that would require longer and more intense pumping sessions with a larger tube over a significant amount of time. You need to pump daily and be able to handle alot of pain such as burning sensations caused from tearing and stretching for about 6 months, then continue pumping atleast once a week after obtaining the desired length and girth to maintain this size. after a while the pain becomes pleasure and can be quite fulfilling. I have tried many pumps including the one my doctor prescribed and found that a quality pump used with a tube about 2 inches longer than the desired lenght and possibly shaped like a penis will work best. after a while you will enjoy this as an alternative way to masturbate and possibly find local pumping buddies to pump with. My ex-wife used to enjoy pumping for me, now i have a bi-sexual group of friends that get together for group pumping. well anyways, an implant is the only way to permanently enlarge a penis without continued pump therapy. There are also websites and chatrooms for those who like to pump
  • There is an old arabian practice known as "jelqing" In the practice, the penis is agitated to a sem-erect state, and grabbed at the base and pulled to the tip in a kind of reverse-masturbation motion. It is sometimes called "milking". Just do a google search and find more detailed info- after about 3 consecutive weeks you should start to see some noticeable results. And yes, this practice really works.
  • There are numerous ways to increase your penis size. However using pump, weight hanging and going for operation is very dangerous and could results in complications. Using a medically backed traction devices would be a excellent solution. Find out more about its histories by going here For the fastest and easiest way to enlarge penis, it is best to combine numerous enlargement methods together. Example, if you intend to opts for exercises, you may want to combine it with traction device. This way it will optimize results and help you achieve the size you want in a shorter duration.
  • You can consult a Plastic Surgeon; they can definitely do that.
  • I have two things to link you too: # # Why do you feel that you need to go to drastic measures and alter your body?
  • Making a woman happy sexually has nothing to do with you penis size. Being stuffed full of penis is not = endless orgasms. The female sexuality is a bit more complicated than that. If you have a partner it's more important to be open and listening to your partner. In this way you can easily teach eachother how to enjoy sex together. It's NOT just banging away, even though porn and guys at school might give you that expression.
  • Trust someone over 50 who has been with enough women to know I think: It is not how large you are, but what you say, how you prepare for sex (foreplay and many other romantic things) and how you prepare yourself and the woman emotionally that will always determine how satisfying your partner's and your sexual experience is. Also, learning what a woman wants and how to do that, no matter what size you are is important, and has nothing to do with size unless a man is truly medically an anomaly. A small percentage of men fall into that category, in which case they can talk with a doctor about it. But it is rare. Very rare, to be so small as to not be able to please a woman if you do all the other things before penetration first, as mentioned above. Buying sexual videos or reading about techniques etc. can help you if you are not informed on those things. But asking is always the best way to know, since each woman is different in what they like and where they are sensitive, etc.
  • pray to God, everything is possible.
  • Get erect
  • ohnestly I feel however god made you it should be fine especialy that it dosnt make sex any diffrent if its 4 or 7 inches but if you still want it to be larger my humble opinion is that the only thing to do is take pills
  • Put your dick thru a taffy strecher
  • It can be permanent as well...yes you read it correcltly PERMANENT is the word.. Its has been proven scientifically.. no need to go through the pains of pumping and risk of taking pills..check out the link here and its all gonna make sense to you
  • Just noticed you posted this question in 2004, so guessing you're probably not reading this! Anyway, for anybody else that is, there ARE safe ways to increase the size of your penis. Scientists have perfected a technology called "traction" (check for example) which is guaranteed to increase penis size, often by as much as 25%. It's pretty simple: traction applies a gentle "stretch" to your penis over an extended period of time and this helps you to grow new tissue. The new tissue makes you bigger. Enjoy!

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