• George Walker Bush has long exhibited ALL the symptoms of a 'paranoid megalomaniac' and 'untreated alcoholic', the type commonly referred to as a 'dry drunk', with long blank years in his life. In order to cope with day to day life, what often occurs is that the subject finds another obsession -- When an individual, a wildly irrational born-again brand of Christian, combines ignorance, immorality, dry-drunk syndrome, and a publicly expressed belief that God personally instructs him to make war on specific countries, it is difficult to argue that this individual is not a miserable failure and a dangerous man. For the record, the ex-cheerleader from Yale, George W. Bush, claims to have stopped drinking for reasons that change each time he is asked about his substance-abusing past. Every individual has what the recovery folks call a physical, economic, social or moral 'bottom', which is the final crisis which compels the addictive individual to face their issues. It's unfortunate that Bush might be reaching his moral bottom at America's (and Iraq's) expense . . .
  • George W. Bush, over his lifetime, has gone from one extreme extensive and long-term binge drinking and at least some cocaine use, to another affiliation with religious fundamentalism and authoritarian belief systems that cannot be explained by his religious upbringing. Bush said he was a "heavy drinker." But let's not be coy here. Anyone who has ever imbibed heavily over a long period of time knows that "heavy drinker" is the rich man's (or the politician's) code for alcoholic.
  • He's an old guy with white hair and funny ears :)
  • Based on his behavior, he could very well be a dry drunk.

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