• The typical stereo type with the flamboyant males-I just don't get. They are soooooo over the top ya know what I mean, their movements appear more exaggerated than actual women's movements, etc. But it doesn't bother me, in my line of work, there can't be room for prejudice.
  • It's all a matter of personality and identification. Some people are sailors, and they just sail boats. And then theres sailors who always wear their captain's uniform, and they hang out in seamen's clubs, and they always talk about sailing. There are people like that in every group.
  • some need to be the centre of attention but most just go about normally ...because they are normal and have no need or want to tell the world their sexuality
  • It's a matter of choice, I think flamboyant people in general are just starved for attention.
  • Because people are different. There are some men, for example, who treat everyone equally and don't do so for the applause. Kudos to them. There are other men that I have seen treat women like slaves to do their bidding, and somehow find women to go along with it. There are still other men who somehow feel threatened by LGBT people, despite the fact that most gay men wouldn't give them the time of day - sexually, that is. In short, everyone is different. The best people embrace these differences and cherish them.
  • I think whether or not someone is flamboyant is a personality trait, not indicative of their sexual orientation. When I was younger, I made this exact mistake with several people. The answer to this question is the same as the answer to this question:
  • It is the same as why some women get breast implants, go tanning, get face lifts etc and some women allow themselves to age gracefully. Or why some men walk around with what we call "Imaginary Lat Syndrom" with their shoulders thrown back and arms held out as if their lat muscles are so big they have to stand that way. Why? Because we are human and different people express themselves differently.
  • Some people hide out loud
  • It's a personality thing. Some people are very trendy, others no. Some people are very open minded, others no, Some people are very chatty, others no. Get it?
  • Being flamboyant is actually a personality characteristic of the zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer, and Libra...these signs typically have a higher proportion of gay men because Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is a feminine energy...the other two are ruled by Venus...another feminine energy.
    • mushroom
      I'd like to see statistics showing sexual orientation of any type being more prevalent in births during certain planetary cycles. Recent studies indicate there may be more of a correspondence between gender identity and prenatal maternal hormone balance.
  • Because people are different.
  • For some gay people they have been repressed all of their life and keep all of their feeling and emotions bottled up inside, so when they finally decide to become gay, they are relieved. They feel that a great burden has been lifted off their shoulders and they want to the world to know how free and happy they are...
  • Why do Texans walk around in wife beaters carrying a pitchfork and sleep with family members? While people in Cali act normal and don't sleep with family members.
  • cause everyone is different
  • Cause all the straight folks are supposed to make a big deal about it when some gay person makes a big deal about coming out being gay. Let me give you folks a little hint....nobody gives a shit that you're gay. Or straight. Or whatever else you're claiming now. Bruce Jenner is a girl now? Who really gives a shit?
  • Everyone thinks differently. The way we think or how we think follows certain rules.

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