• From wikipedia: A rebus (Latin: "by things") is a kind of word puzzle which uses pictures to represent words or parts of words, for example: H + picture of ear = Hear. Rebus also refers to the use of a pictogram to represent a syllabic sound (NOT recording a concept). This adapts pictograms into phonograms (Rebus Form), a precursor to the development of the alphabet. This is perhaps one of the most important developments of writing. This style of writing became popular in the 1700's where people loved to write in letters in rebus form. They use this to make private letters harder to understand, or simply just to add spice, fun and interactivity to a written conversation. Rebuses were central to the American television game show Concentration. Contestants had to solve a rebus, usually partially concealed, to win a game. What does this rebus represent? 1.Bob drowned Frosted Flakes 2.Joe buried Captain Crunch 3.Sarah threw Rice Krispies off a cliff 4.Emily shot Cocoa Puffs ANSWER: serial (cereal) killers Another rebus example The use of a picture or symbol that suggests a word or a syllable, as U R the _ 2 my _ suggests you are the key to my heart. This web site may help you to type a rebus.

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