• No. My bills remind me.
  • No, but when my brother Matt and I were 10 we got rid of the toy boxes in our rooms, and Matt found a check from one of our Grandma's for $50 from when we were two. XD
  • I never cash cheques that I receive as presents from close family members, partly because it is too much hassle and partly because I am better off than most of them and would rather they had the money
  • yes. i lost in under the couch. it was a pay check, and it had 300euros on it. by the time i found it back, it was already past its expiring date, unfortunately.
  • Yes I have.
  • Yes, but it was only for five dollars. My daughter found one for twenty-five in her sock drawer. It was from a birthday card she got from her aunt. We never cashed either.

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