• Makes sense. The American president never flies on the same plane with the vice-president, does he?
  • I was not knowing till now. Anyway thanks for the information.
  • That has always been Royal Policy. When princes William and Harry were babies they tried to enforce this policy on Diana, but she hotly refused, and for the first time in history the 2nd and 3rd in line for the throne were allowed to travel by plane together with Diana with them, of course.
  • yes I knew this
  • "is probably correct - various companies and governments have protocols for the number of people in a direct chain of command (or even co-workers) who can be on a plane together. I used to work at Westinghouse and in their 100+ years of existence, the bureaucracy had this in a formal document. For the British Royals, it could simply be that two consecutive people in line for the throne won't travel together. As for Charles and his sons travelling together, that may only be true once his sons are adults and able to take the throne. Before he was married, you didn't see Charles and his brothers flying together." "is false absolutely. I think it was when the queen mother died and Charles and his sons were in Europe they all flew back together. I remember the comments about it as before that it was true. To prevent all the heirs being wiped out in one go." "is almost true. Princess Di caused a controversy in the 80s by insisting that she travel with both Charles and William on a trip to Australia. Otherwise those in the line to the throne don't travel together (or at least not that close together in the line of succession)." Source:;f=47;t=000444
  • Yes because if there were an air crash or terrorist incident we would lose the heir to the throne AND his successor
  • Yes it is tradition that the Ruling Monarch and the Heir or in this case the Heir to the throne and his Heir cannot travel on the same Aircraft.
  • no but now i do
  • Yes. all royals, presidents, billionaires and heads of state are the same. They do not travel with their deputes/heirs.
  • Yes, it does make sense. President Biden and Vice-President Harris also never travel on the same airplane just in case there is a crash
  • Yes, that's well known.

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