• Yes. Parents buy their children pretty much anything they want nowadays. I see 10 year olds with iPods and cell phones. It's ridiculous. It's creating a generation of spoiled, socially maladjusted individuals who are going to grow up and think that the world is handed to them on a silver platter.
  • I am not saying all of them are unappreciative, but most get way too much. Ender pretty much said it all.
  • Yes worse than ever and the parents are getting no respect for letting them get by with so much - I've seen it so much lately + up
  • Yes they definetly have it way easier than even my time and of course my own parents time things just come easy to kids now a days and alot of it is for free no work involved for them.
  • I'm sure your parents were saying the same thing about your generation, and their parents said the same about theirs, and so on. In fact, I bet in the '20s, people would say, kids these days have it so easy, they never have to help around on the farm and when they fall out of line, they don't even get whipped!
  • Yes, they do. They don't have to work for anything any more and because of it they don't appericiate what they do have. They've come to equate things with happiness as well. We're teaching our children to be greedy. The shame of it is when they grow up they won't be able to cope with not always getting their way.
  • I think that they are getting far too much without working for it. But I also think that being a young person today is much more complex and dangerous than when I was young. So as far as having it too easy overall..I'm not certain that they do.
  • Easy is not the right word, convenience is the answer. It is convenient to give in to screaming children and more acceptable to others than giving them the discipline that they so often deserve!
  • I think kids have it easy. It seems like society caters to their every want, McDonalds gives them a toy, Walmart gives them a sticker as does the doctor, parents shower children with toys they cant afford. Then the kids just want more and more stuff when what they really need is people who will talk to them and guide them in the right directions. Some children are given this but with more and more parents working I think it is becoming an epidemic of preschools and daycares that are actually raising todays young children. And as the child ages then they are left at home to fiqure out what is right and many children have difficulty handling this task of doing the right thing.So society gives them what they desire and not so much of what they need.
  • Yes. THey are catered to and get everything without any effort. I had to show my parents more than just a desire for something. If I seemed to be making an effort or saving my money or something, then they would help me out. That way I would appreciate the effort that it took and also treated it with greater respect and didn't thrash it first chance. Kids seem to think everything is replaceable and disposable. Things are only good for a short time, fashion, cars, decorations, everything is for the now. They have no sense of delayed gratification and they carry that into their lives to every aspect of it. It's sad. They seem to get so frustrated when things don't go their way like it always did when they were little. It's like they haven't ever tasted patience and consequences so when they get it big time, they are lost and take it personally.
  • noooooooo i completely disagree with all these comments its not their fault the troubles and war is over so we dont have to work. .they have to go to school to get an education its not our choice its the LAW and it is not the childrens fault that we decide to spoil them and that mc donalds give them toys did they ask for the toys > i dont think soooooooo! When they grow up they will get a job but for now let them be kids and let them enjoy it. they have seen their mothers and fathers grow up and make a living and they will do just the same.. k LOSERS btw were 13 haha xx we are truly offended by your comments
  • Sure. I'm what you would call a 'kid today'. I've spent the past 13 years studying for around 7 hours per day, and I have about 4 more years of study to go. Most of my friends, plus myself, had jobs at age 13/14, most of them bought their own cars, and pay for their own fuel. A significant portion of them have moved out of home, into their own houses, and care for themselves (my friends are around the ages of 16-22). We've inherited a world, raped by the previous generations, it's natural resources sucked dry in a greedy frenzy. We have to fix a world destroyed by greed, and then deal with accusations of being selfish, and wanting an 'instant lifestyle'. I can't think of a more disturbing and pertinent example of a generation wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter than the generation before me, who couldn't even be bothered to think toward the future. I don't appreciate being told that I have an easy life, by people who have no idea what my life is like.

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