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  • Only 10. I've met them all. Moving right along......
  • Not exactly, but it was only when I was in my 30s that my Mom revealed to me that I was her fourth child. I have an older brother (8 years older) and sister (4 years older) and a would-have-been older sibling that miscarried about a year before I was born. I sometimes wonder what I would have been like had I been that child or if that child had been born and I was still me (if that makes any sense).
  • no i unfortunely know all of mine and their all screwed one way or the other.
  • I apparently have two half sisters, I do not know their names and have no wish to meet them.I do not believe that blood is always thicker than water. I loathe some of my relatives they are truly obnoxious people. As far as I am concerned the siblings I have are my family and I do not need any more.
  • I have two half brothers I didn't grow up with... one I've known about since I was 8, but haven't found him yet. I know that he's probably 43, his name is John & his mom's name is Carolyn, and that he used to live in Rhode Island when he was a baby. The other brother is younger. I didn't know about him until I was 23, met him when I was 24. We've gotten to know each other pretty well, but it feels more like a friendship.
  • Well my dad only told me 2 years ago i had a half-sister, with a person i was never told about who was already almost 3. He expected me to be very nice to her, and play with her etc. but i wasn't feeling like i should or as if i should give him the satisfaction that i would do it just because i was his son, this is a 2 way street. I told him i never really wanted to have anything to do with her, since he kept this such a secret and i would always be writing to him telling him everything thinking he was doing the same. Was i wrong in feeling that?
  • Not so far.... but my Dad was rather overly friendly, so I reckon when he pops his clogs, a few will come out of the woodwork
  • Ummm... kinda... before he met my mom, my dad had a girlfriend that got pregnant. But she had an abortion. It was a boy, and I've never met the woman, but I don't want to: she murdered my older brother!
  • When I was 18 I found out that my mother had an abortion right before she got pregnant with me... So I would have had another older sibling..
  • Yes. I am adopted and was 26 when I foudn out about it. I didnt meet them in person but spoke to them on the phone.
  • are all my newfound brothers and sisters, didn't you know that?
  • yeah, back in 1997 ( i think) I came home from school one day and my mum sat me down. She said' i have something very important to tell you. You have a another sister. I havn't seen her since she was born but we have recently been in contact. .2 She stopped there waiting for a response from me. She got one. I said "cool. Whats for tea???" My mum couldn't believe how'ok' I was with it as My two older sisters pitched a fit. I explained to my mum that i was the youngest of the family. I'm the only boy. Another sister won't make that much difference. ten years or so on, its like we were always a family. Couldn't be happier.
  • I don't even bother finding out about the siblings I do know.
  • no but I found a suprise uncle about 3 years ago.
  • Apparently I have a half uncle that my dad and his brothers and sisters never knew. There's quite a few secrets like that in my family.
  • I was told I have a sister.... haven't met her but have thought about her.
  • well i recently met my sister and brother, whom i had never met before, i didn't grow up with my siblings and they are much older then i, so it was a pleasant reunion!!
  • i have a half sister who's 13 years older than me, im glad we met she's the best thing that happened to me :)
  • Yes. When I was in high school I remember waking up in the middle of the night to my mom yelling and screaming at my dad and hearing stuff hit the walls. She was throwing stuff and telling him to get out and that she didn't want to see him anymore. He left and was gone for a few days. I asked my mom what was wrong and she just said that she and my dad had "just had a bad fight." She told me that my dad was going to talk to me and my sister later about what happened because it was something HE needed to explain. He came back a few days later and told us that we had a little brother from a woman he had an affair with in another state when we was working. It shocked us both. I took it harder than my sister I think, because my mom was nothing but good to our dad and I just didn't understand how you could just do that to someone. I met him a few years ago, but by then he was in high school himself. I haven't spoken to him since, but I heard he already has a kid of his own.
  • Four years ago my father died and before he passed he told his than wife that my mother gave birth to a baby boy. I never knew anything about that boy until my fayher was gone. How wrong is that? I am searching for him as we speak.

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