• Pope Albino Luciani (1912-1978) died after only 33 days as pope, and under mysterious circumstances. Some say that he was murdered - either because he was going to reform too many things or because he stumbled upon corruption in the Vatican. Do these conspiracy theories have any truth to them?
  • I do not believe these rumors. I have read several books on pope JPI and II conclaves, some written by objective non-catholic scholars. Albino Luciani (JPI) was in incredibly poor health when he had taken the job. He had a bad heart and a distrust of doctors. Like many people, he simply did not properly care for himself.
  • If you say he was then that's good enough for me
  • We all know that the Catholic Church does not like change in any way. This Pope had he lived would have sent the vatican into a spin with his new idea's which I am sure it did. His glasses and slippers were never located, it is thought that he may have vomited over them so they were destroyed through fear that DNA would prove him poisoned. Is body was embarmed within 13 or so hours and it was apparently insisted the no blood was to be drained from the body.... another forensic dodge maybe.... Why was the Vatican Professor Fontana Not called to confirm and determine cause of death, this was done by Dr Bussonati. Too many questions and plainly not enough answers, and my guess, there never will be........
  • Well I can only give my opinion, and my opinion is yes.

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