• in my opinion no. thicker is not always better. you need need the lower viscosity to be able to get to the top of the engine. It also depende on the climate you are in, but I would stick with 10w-40 or even go 10w-30 depending on your climate.
  • I agree, "thicker is not always better". If you drive slow and don't push the engine, 10w40 should be fine, unless you live in a very hot climate. If you drive your car hard, rev high, punish the engine, or live in a hot climate, 20w50 should extend the life of the engine. In other words, if your car engine gets normally very hot use 20w50. Just go easy after a cold start. They oil has to heat up first. Remember to change back to 10W40 in winter, or lower if the temperature get below freezing.
  • Basically if your car isn't burning oil no. 20-50 is pretty thick. You don't want to starve the car of oil on startup. Stick with what your using if it's been working fine....and doesn't consume much oil. By much oil 1 litre between changes isn't out of the norm.

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