• Unfortunate they were imposters and did not make it for real!
  • Yes. Though I'm sure some knew it was a comedy group and didn't see a reason to stop them because of it. I bet if they thought there was a real threat they would have been stopped sooner.
  • Security couldn't be all that tight if they managed to breach it. Although most people don't care for Mr. Bush I don't find it was funny either.
  • Not really...that's probably the last thing he needs to deal with.
  • Yes that should tell them something, they're not doing a good job at securing the areas or surroundings. Not just over Bush but it could've been any president or important person that they were suppose to have been guarding & that should tell us they still have a long way to go in homeland security.
  • I think what they did is hilarious. This whole tightened security and snipers in helicopters scaring pedestrians is just overkill. Its so unreal, in Australia we don't assasinate our leaders or anyone elses. No matter how good an idea it is.
  • G'day Rezwreckkid, Thank you for your question. I was speaking to someone in Sydney who thought it was hilarious. It amused me but the NSW Police Force and Government isn't laughing. It will be interesting to see what happens in the court case. Regards
  • I think that this is one of the best jokes ever and great honour to those that did it. I would have loved to be part of it, even if it meant risking jail, well done guys! Very Aussie! People, please emulate!
  • I think it is a symptom of how pathetic world wide security is. I worked at a major airport for 31 years and believe me --a child could beat the system... I think it's humorous that the group did this ..but a little dangerous perhaps.

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