• try legal aide near you to see if they can help.
  • You can contact the California Bar, or a local bar association. You can also contact a local law school. Most law school's have clinics where a law student handles your case. However, since law students can't legally practice law, they are overseen by a faculty advisor. Finally, if applicable, you can contact the agency that oversees your dispute. For example, if you have a landlord/tenant issue or an employment issue, these are handled by a state or county agency, and those agencies often provide some sort of legal aide. You should note that most lawyers do some pro bono work each year, but they are picky about what cases they take. Usually, lawyers will only take a case pro bono if the case is something of great public concern, the client has extraordinary need, or if the attorney regulary assists a specific pro bono organization.
  • contact the Bar Assoc.

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