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  • I wanted it at 17 but ended up having it at 15 very young i know... Boy do i wish i had waited.
  • I cant remember when I first wanted to, probably when I first saw porn at 8 or 9. Didnt happen until I was 15/16.
  • I think I actually wanted to have sex at age 16 or 17. It didn't happen until I was 18 (almost 19).
  • 18 for both.
  • I think I've always wanted to have sex. There was always a thrusting need waiting to get out. I finally succeeded at the ripe age of 15.
  • Wanted? 11. There was this brunette in my 7th-grade Math class with a personality as nice as her face and already filling out. Had it? Well, I didn't want to ruin any friendships so I waited until 20... and we're still together over a dozen years later.
  • Wanted or needed to have sex?? At 7 years old having somone to love and hold and have sex with was all I could think about!! It was a vital part of my development for a normal, happy and healthy development of my childhood that I never got! There was this girl is second grade I fantisized about everyday, Until at 11 in 5th grade this long haired blond boy with a smile to die for caught my attention one day, and from that day forward I reconized beauty on a much higher scale and that I like boys better. I then realized that i'm a boylover at 11, I had so many chances, so many hot boys + girls hit on me in school which liked me because I was hot. I was always to danm quiete and shy though, never much of a talker so my crushes never got further then staring and winking. I was SOOO close, SOOO many times and lost everything, thats what hurts most!! Now im 27 and have never so much of been kissed!! I've lost the only thing I lived for which makes me happy, and forever! I have nothing else to live for!!
  • I first started wanting to have sex around 11. When I was 12 I started doing regular oral sex (and quickly became a master at it), and then first had sex with another girl when I was 13. First had sex with a boy also when I was 13, but considerably later after my first time with a girl.
    • Philip Smith
      So do you still have sex with guys or do you prefer girls to have sex with?
  • 16 years old
  • 17 years old
  • 16 =] x
  • I first wanted to at 13 with a boy that lived across the street. He was 16 and my dad paid him to cut our grass every week. It was the first summer break that I got to stay home while mom & dad worked and this boy came over to cut the grass but his mower wouldn't run so we started talking and I invited him in and we ended up in the den floor trying to have sex. I was a little scared and he was too nervous and couldn't do it so nothing really happened. It was the next summer when I was 14 that we did it the first time and then we found ways to get together about ten or twelve more times over the next year until he went away to college.
  • Erm when i was 11. Hey! blame TV!!! Still a virgin ^^
  • Define SEX,I was 11 when I first saw a girl put her hand up another girls dress,and the other girl did the same to her,they were 14, and I wanted to do it to one of my friends from then,a 15 year girl fingered me when I was 12,and I did it to another girl when we were both 13,a boy first fingered me when I was 12 and he was 14,I was 16 when a boy first put his penis inside me. I have no regret doing it then.
  • 11, due to seeing my parent's porn collection. At 12, I tried to seduce a 25 year old neighbor I was in luat with. He (understandably) turned me down. I finally managed to lose it at 13, to the same guy mentioned above. Also the age I first gave a blowjob and had anal sex too. I had my first experience with another girl at 15. A classmate.
  • i first wanted to have it at 10 but in not a virgin i had sex twice with 2 of my friend we did it all at once so it was lik ea 3sume and we also did it 2 at a time...ive never had sex with a guy yet i want to alot tho so much
  • I wanted to when I was 16, but I was raised not to do it. I finally succumbed on my 25th birthday.
  • I wanted to have sex between 16-18, and I actually did at 13
  • I had just turned 25. It was my birthday.
  • I wanted anal sex at 14, but got it at 15. I had oral sex at 12.
  • Wanted? 13. Had it, 14. He was 17
  • I had it at 14.
  • I first started thinking about sex when I started reading romance novels at about age 11--long before I had pubic hair or boobs. I had a totally romantic notion about what sex was, and I was enamored with the idea. I fantasized about having sex for years, but resisted doing it because I was sure I would get pregnant. My first sexual experience was when I was in college. I was on my second date with this guy, and he was very persistent. The only way I could keep him from screwing me was to give him oral sex. He managed to get his fingers in, but after he came, he quickly lost interest. I used that ploy with several other dates before I finally let myself get so turned-on that I couldn't resist. The sex was everything that I had imagined--including the pregnancy.
  • I probably first thought about it around 16 or so. I finally had it when I was 25.
  • I think I started wanting it around 14. I finally had sex at 17.
  • I don't remember when I first wanted it, maybe 12-13 but I was 16 when I first had sex
  • Jeez, maybe 14? I finally did it at 18.

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