• No I don't.
  • No. Religion doesn't always have a happy ending.
  • Of course. It was made up a few thousand years ago as a way to keep people in line.
  • Fairy Tales can come true---- it can happen to you, if you're young at heart.....That's a song, btw..:-D
  • Yes, Christianity, Atheism, Hinduism... All miserable failures.
  • That's a demeaning wording. I sort of define "religion" as a codification of moral precepts and what people long ago saw as the "correct" way to worship their concept of God. Of course this can be carried to extreme lengths. But I think it originated, at least in part, as a way to understand the nature of existence, of the universe, of the Allness, of God, that some people discerned. So even if people understand it or phrase it or practice it inexpertly, it's kind of uncalled-for to belittle their beliefs. (Yes, "religious" people should likewise not demean others.)
  • Yes, Myths. They all Myth the Point of How to love your neighbor.
  • Well, fairy tales are pretty much confined to children, but I don't think that it's unfair to call Religion a Fairy Tale... Thus, it would be a fairy tale for people who are mentally still children. I'm just kidding around, but still: I can't wait to see how massively I get rated down for this : P
  • No. That's oversimplifying it.
  • I'm not sure. No-one ever blew up a mosque over Rumpelstiltskin.
  • No, I do not.
  • no - I'm not fond of organized religion of any persuasion, but if it gives comfort to the believers, then religion seems to accomplish its purpose from my perspective.
  • Religion is NOT a fairy tale for adults. Can not even compare the two.
  • The complexity of our universe, life and systems of life is impossible to achieve by random chance. Utterly impossible. Anyone who takes those odds over design is being unreasonable and irrational. We have a creator, so then, who and where is it? Fairy tales are for people who want to ignore reality. God - the truth - is very scary to confront, for good reason. Still, you should do it.
  • No. Popular culture is a sad fairy tale filled with immoral values, including: - A disrespect for God and religion - A disrespect for lawful authority - A disrespect for our human dignity - Lust and Sex (outside of marriage) - Envy, greed and consumerism - Anger and Violence - Drug abuse including smoking and alcohol - Vanity, outside is more important than inside - Prejudice and hate Religion is where a human being seaches for God, or even better, lets God find him or her. You become truly happy when you love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. This is what the Beatitudes are all about. With love in Christ.
  • No, I do not. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • Maybe if it was written by the Brothers Grimm, but alot, lot worse and more disgusting most of the time.
  • yes it's a coping mechanism at best.
  • Technically, it can't be proven. However, I believe that it is a story, much like santa clause for example, that is made up in order to explain a greater meaning. They say santa brings us presents if were good so we should be good. The whole point, is to tell children that being good will benefit them more than being bad. I find that religion is a bit of the same thing. They say that if you kill and whatnot, you won't go to heaven. The main point being, that if your good to others, they will be good to you etcetera. The story might be false, but the point is still valid. Hope that made sense :D
  • Yes I do. If one of the worlds religion would be true, one would negate the other. The argument of putting all religions under one common denominator (all the different gods are actually one and the same god or God = love) usally contradicts or grocely misrepresents the text in the books on which the religion was founded in the first place. The argument that there probably is something more out there is not religion anymore it is just a belief just as any other set of beliefs. Anyway it always makes common sense to keep an open eye to all possibillities left within the realm of realistic scenario's. Challenge science on its own terrain prove or disprove theories with evidence not ignorance.
  • Not at all. You know, I think it's crap that people say stuff like this. It's one thing for you to believe this, but another for you to flaunt your feelings about it in a leading question. I'm not gonna say people who don't believe in a religion are mindless losers, just because I don't agree with their beliefs. Nicest thing to do, would be to not have asked this question, since it's obvious you already feel this way about the subject, and you are doing it just to piss religious people off. Have a good day, and GOD bless.
  • Religion is not necessarily a fairy tale. However, most specific religions ARE nothing more than a fairy tale because that's what people want. They are just fairy tales tailored to answer life's big questions. People feel better having an answer than feeling helpless. Nobody bombs over Rumplestiltskin, true. But only because nobody has chosen to believe this story is real or it is the word of god. It is just as real as any religion, separated only by people's decisions about its meaning.
  • No, I do not believe it's a fairy tale for adults but I think it's a difficult acceptance for those young (or young minded) people who struggle in life or especially with themselves. I heard my 17 year old step son say this very thing (the bible (religion) is a fairy tale) about a month ago. He is a burnout and a very hostile person who is very confused with life, although if you ask him, he knows about everything and anything.
  • YES it is, I agree 100%. Without religion the world would be a much better place to live. No killing in the name of "God", no one trying to convert you into their religion, no quotes from the bible.
  • Religion serves several functions for society. These include giving meaning and purpose to life, and reinforcing social unity and stability.
  • Of course not...because I know the definitions of "fairy tale" and "religion". A fairy tale is never a religion, and a religion is never a fairy tale.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Can you justify that statement? Many old religions were based on mythologies that consisted of fairy tales.
      "Many old religions were based on mythologies..." Even if that's true (I won't argue the point), that does not make ANY religion a fairy tale. So: yes, I can justify my statement, and so can you. All you have to do is crack open a dictionary.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      From the dictionary - Fairy tale: a story about magic and fantastical beings and/or lands. Religion: a belief in and/or worship of supernatural beings. According to the definition of fairy tale, and the definition of religion, there are certainly aspects of religion that would qualify it as a fairy tale without a deeper look. Why, how do YOU define a fairy tale, and how do YOU define a religion?
      Well...I've never seen such a terse definition of religion from a dictionary, but - clearly - the "religion" of your definition is "a belief in" or "worship of" and not a tale of any sort.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Which definitions do you use? That may likely be the cause of the discrepancy.
      No. Clearly there is no discrepancy - as I've pointed out. The definition you have presented also - clearly - cannot be used to equate "religion" with "fairy tale". The "religion" of your definition definitely exists. It is not a story. It is (according to your definition) either belief or worship. Belief is not a story. Worship is not a story.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I do not understand. So, if we agree (you said you would not argue this point) that the old polytheistic religions of Europe were based on mythologies, and we agree that mythologies are collections of fairy tales, which I believe is very well established by evidence, then how do you conclude that it is impossible for any religion to be fairy tales? Are you arguing that, since these religions were based on more than one fairy tale, they are not themselves fairy tales, or are you saying that just because one believes in them/worships their characters, that this transcends to a new level, and thus is no longer equivalent?
      "and we agree that mythologies are collections of fairy tales, which I believe is very well established by evidence" - Disagree, but also not relevant.," then how do you conclude that it is impossible for any religion to be fairy tales?" Because the definition of the word "religion" is in no way synonymous with the definition of the word "fairy tale". "Are you arguing that, since these religions were based on more than one fairy tale, they are not themselves fairy tales," - Well: that's certainly one thing. Obviously if something that is not a tale is "based on a fairy tale" that something is not a fairy tale. "or are you saying that just because one believes in them/worships their characters, that this transcends to a new level, and thus is no longer equivalent?" - No. I'm arguing that - in English - the meaning of the word "religion" is never in any - in ANY way - synonymous with the meaning of the word "fairly tale"...or even "tale". A religion is not a story. Let me say that again: by standard English definition, a religion is not a story. A story is not a religion. The two things are not the same, are never the same.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Is "The Chronicles of Narnia" a story?
      It is a collection of stories. And - therefore - it is not a religion (because a religion - by definition - is not a story or a collection of stories).
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Some religions, I would say, are little more than collections of stories, for example the ones I brought up. But I suppose you'd disagree, based on the fact that your particular religion of choice is more heavily based on a moral code. I still think that, if you could draw a Venn diagram of fairy tales and religions, there would be some overlap, but if we get into the minutae of pedantic arguments,it could get very messy.
      Let's be clear: most religions INCORPORATE one or more mythologies. So: religions do INCLUDE stories. But the religion is NOT IN AND OF ITSELF a story OR a mythology. And you don't have to take my word for it. It's not a matter of opinion. Just look at the standard English definitions of the words.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      The examples I pointed out are all cases where the stories are the entire basis of the religion, and the only part beyond that is the actual belief in the stories. To my eyes, it's like someone put a lift kit in a truck and you are saying: it's not the same truck. IDK. I think, at this point, we agree to disagree.
  • Religion is man's attempt to get to Yahweh, Christianity is Yahweh's way of coming to man. Christianity is not a fairy tale it is the only way to save yourself from eternal death.
  • It's like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. All made up.
  • It's like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. All made up.
  • Yes. Religion is an imagination for people who believe in almost anything. The bible is a fairy tale written by people with an imagination and so anyone who believes in it are delusional. Religious people can not prove their point in their religious claims because it’s all in their head. They have been brainwashed by someone or a number of people in their lives since they allow others to mess with their head. You are correct that religion is a fairy tale for adults and anyone who disagrees are religious fools. They have nothing to show in their claims since they are all words and no physical evidence. That’s because they have been brainwashed into an imagination without realising it. Religious people know how to get inside the heads of individuals and convert them into their imagination. This is called brainwashing and that religion is stress related. It is wrong to mess with someone’s head because it only causes psychological damage.
    • Thinker
      If you believe the Bible is a fairy tale please get and read the book, ' Mysteries of the Messiah" by Rabbi Jason Sobel. If you are brave enough to read this book and still believe it is a fairy tale you have blind eyes and lack knowledge. I know you won't read it because you are without intestinal fortitude. So sad.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Of course it’s a fairy tale. I do not read books based on fiction like the bible. That book was written by people with an imagination and you’re foolish enough to believe in it. Religious people like you don’t show physical evidence in their religious claims because you’re all delusional. You’re not much of a “thinker” since you’re a religious weirdo however that’s up to you to believe in that bullshit. Just because I am not religious does not mean I have lack of knowledge and having a blind eye. You don’t have a clue what I know and you don’t have my eyes therefore you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m unaffected by religious bullshit so I don’t need to read a work of fiction. That’s up to you to believe in it. Sad really

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