• i have had 1 she is 19.i love her w/all my heart.i would not take $100 million for her but i wouldnt give $1.for another 1 just like her..
  • I don't have any and that's all I wanted.
  • I don't want to have any kids fo ra few reasons of various standings... First, I am unsatisfied with life as it has presented itself to me or I have made it and would not want to bring another being into this world... Second, there are plenty of children/people in the world that have no-one to care for them that could be embraced instead of abandoned. Third and lest respectable, I do not want to have the responsibility of caring for and shaping for another life into what I or the world presumes is correct
  • I wanted 2 but only could have one. I guess when you have something perfect, there's no reason to have another
  • I only have one and I am happy with that. Sometimes I feel a little guilty that he doesnt have a brother or sister to play with but I get over that pretty quick. Here is a bit of insight on my reasoning for only having one. 1. Only one college education to pay for. 2. He gets more of my attention and time. 3. I can afford better toys and clothes for him since I dont have to buy multiples. 4. I dont have to hear "but they got.., you let them..., you love them more than me..." or listen to them bicker. 5. He cannot fight with himself in the back seat of the car (this was a warzone with my brother, sister and I as kids). Actually, I originally wanted two but had trouble getting pregnant and after he turned six I had my tubes tied because I felt that the age difference would be too great for them to be able to relate to each other. I figure if I was meant to have more I would have gotten pregnant by that point. All in all I am happy with my one.
  • I'd like 0-2. I'll have to see how life plays out. In any matter, I am too young for them now so let's keep it at 0.
  • I knew early on that I did not want human children. My wife also felt the same way (one of many reasons we are together). However, as far as feline and canine children, we have a total of four, and that is more than enough.
  • My husband and I wanted three children. Two down, one to go :).
  • id like to have two or three children. ive not even had one yet
  • I didn't really want any...I have 4. (finally figured out what was causing Birth control never worked for me, so I went the surgical route. Wouldn't trade them for anything. :-)
  • 3-4 twins somewhere out of that Maybe not first though.. lol two babies at once for the first time could be really demanding when trying to learn and the worrying about every little thing.
  • My husband and I both thought that we were fine as a family together. We have had many furry and feathered kids but none of our own. We just love to spend all our time together and feel we are happy as a family of two. NOw that we are both in our 50s, we still are not sorry we made that decision. If it had happened we would have loved him or her and welcomed them with open arms but we have no regrets.

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