• Both a monologue and a soliloquy are lengthy discourses made by one person. The difference is that a soliloquy is when the character is speaking to himself, without awareness of the presence of others. In a drama it's usually a device meant to reveal the character's innermost thoughts. It's talking while the character is alone or as if he is alone. The speaker of a monologue, while monopolizing the conversation, is speaking to others. The origin of the word "monologue" is Greek "monologos" - speaking alone. The origin of soliloquy is Latin "soliloquium" - talking to oneself.
  • The answer above is correct. A monologue is half of a conversation. It is a speech to a character who is presumed to be present. A soliloquy is a conversatin with yourself. In other words, you're expressing your thoughts out loud and no one is presumed to be around.

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