• Why must you bring back the nightmare?:) My thoughts are... I could never do it again! It makes you feel like hollering what the he*l are you thinking about! I never claimed to be a good teacher.
  • I have one licensed driver and two more girls need to get licenses, one is 16, she needs to retake test because she was to nervous the first time and the other one is only 15 so she just has permit. She tends to drive fast, so its scary riding with her.I am nervous riding with all three they tend to stop to close to other drivers.
  • My dad tried to teach me, once upon a time. It was bad. He sat in the passenger seat and alternated between just closing his eyes and shouting at me that I was going much too fast (the speed limit and not a dime over!). My mom took over went much better.
  • No, I'm sending my daughter to driving school because believe it or not I never got my license
  • LOL!! It's the other way around. A teenager taught me to drive. :-)
  • Yes, I'd been letting my son drive on my lap since he was 4. Then over the years I would let him drive a lil from the passenger side ect. My mom done me that way when I was younger & I think it helped me when I turned 16. But actually letting him drive for the first time he was 12 I think, I thought I was going to have a nervous break down. But he done great my nerves didn't though.
  • Terrified because , they thought they already knew it all
  • I taught both of my kids to drive. We began around age 7 way back in the woods. It was still pretty tension producing when they finally got their permits and I became a full time passenger! They were so sure of themselves and it took nearly having accidents to make them aware that they weren't accomplished drivers yet and this could get ugly real fast if they weren't careful. I think what scared them most was the chance of ruining Mom's car! How does it make me feel? Great! They are both very careful drivers. Better than I ever was. I don't worry about their skills as drivers at all.
  • Nope but I was with a friend who was 22 learning how to drive and I felt just like my mom did when I was learning to drive. Only I would do things on purpose to frighten her because I had a lot of experience driving before that. This friend just scared me a few times.
  • I taught my son how to drive when he was 13..he did great, I felt problemo. Of course you have to know your kid..mine was not a showoff or hotdog..he was calm, centered and appreciated that I wanted him to know how to drive well before he was of the age so that when he took his driver's test he would "ace" it...which is what he did. I allowed him to drive around the neighborhood with me in the passenger seat through the intervening years so that he was an excellent driver by the time he was 16. :)
  • Yes...3 of my 4 kids. I was pretty nervous at first with all of them, but tried not to show it. They caught on pretty quick and are safe drivers....except for the oldest. She STILL scares the heck out of me.
  • Oh yeah! I not only lost hair but it turned gray.
  • I taught my son to drive when he was about 13. Ive never done anything more terrifying in my life.
  • Yes. My daughter got her license in July. I was worried that I wouldn't be a good teacher. She learned quickly and she is very careful. The driving test officer actually complemented me. Made me very proud.
  • Yes, I have, I taught my son. It was an awesome responsibility. I have to admit that there were a few times when I thought I might be taking my life in my hands, but overall, he did very well. And to be sure I didn't teach him something wrong and to get that all-important insurance discount, I had him take Driver's Ed. at school, too.
  • I tried to teach my younger brother. Sort of make me nervous so I thought I would let it to a pro to teach him
  • I taught my daughter to drive last year. She was great, the terrifying part was realizing how this was the biggest step to letting her go so far....
  • Yes, I did, it made me felt very proud when she got her licence the first time!
  • Wondering if I was better off in the car or out.
  • Scared! She says ok and then ignores what I say.
  • It is very difficult to teach a teenager to drive, they like to stop very close to, way to close to other cars, I always feel like I need chocolate , booze or something afterwards...very shattering to the nerves...
  • Oh yeah, 3 times and 3 times I thought I bought the farm!
  • Yes I started 2 teach my friend who is 4 years younger than me when she was 16 & I was 20. It was scary.

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