• Well, when I draw people, I blend that Japanese anime style with a realistic style, so it comes out looking cartoony, yet slightly convincing.
  • Photography - I take photos of decrepid buildings, and capture emotions -(any that I can grab as quickly as my camera flashes), Paint (gouache, acrylic),and Dance(breakdance, tap, ballet).
  • I haven't really found my style yet. I paint, draw, and sketch. I suspect I never will. I do enjoy watercolors more than oils. But beyond that, I just paint whenever I'm inspired. And I paint whatever it is that inspires me at that time. I have to mentally prepare myself to paint if I'm not inspired. It's difficult to just get out the paints and produce a piece.
  • i play the drums, i don;t think i have my own style yet. lol
  • I really enjoy sculpting. I prefer to make caricatures of people and animals. I guess my style could best be described as whimsical.
  • im a hair stylist and yesi have a very unique way i do cuts it brings people in from all over because they cant get it just anywhere
  • Yes, ... martial arts ... I have a blended style that mixes classical Japanese Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Ninjitsu, with Tibetan Vin Tsun, and with Chinese Tai Chi Chuan ... a nice blend of Chinese, Japanese, & Tibetan martial arts ... and I mix that with Taoist Esoteric Yoga, anatomy, physiology, fitness & nutrition, acupressure massage therapy, first aid, Chinese Herbology & Moxibution, and then I stress the wooden cane as the modern martial artist's perfectly legal weapon of choice ( ). No one else that I know or have ever heard of uses such a mix, or teaches such a depth of health science with the self defense ... I currently hold a 7th Dan black belt (Tanaka Ryu Ninjitsu), but have been planning to make a new official style and becoming the new style's very first grand master ... in time, it will happen ... I plan to name the new style "Vrai-do" ... here in Montreal, French is the dominant language and the French word "vrai" means either "correct" or "true" or "real" (depending on context) ... so "Vrai-do" would mean "the correct way".
  • My writing reads like a Victorian Dungeons & Dragons manual. My painting looks like a combination of David Hockney and a alcoholism. My drawings look like super detailed diagrams that require alot of knowledge to execute, but not a lot of technique.

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