• It would depend on the situation. I dont think I would take a job like yours in order to do it, but I do think I would do it should the need arise in the job I am doing ATM. I work in a nursery looking after kids between 1 and 6, if there was a fire and one of them was trapped in the building then I like to think that I would run and try to save the little child. I have the upmost respect for anyone whose main job is to put their lives on the line for the rest of us (lifeguards, firefighters ect).
  • COAST GUARD ALL DAY MAN!!!!!!! SEMPER PARATUS heres a video for u:
  • WOW! I'm a Aviation survival technition 95% of the time but the other five percent I spend flying as a "RESCUE SWIMMER". I guess this means that the only time i'm wiling to perform such acts as "laying my life down" would be five percent of the time I'm on the clock. I guess that goes for you too? unless your standing duty for everyone in your shop in which you have copious amounts of time to be on the computer telling everyone on the world wide web your a "hero". If you wanna pick up chicks by flaunting your job just go to the bar in your PT gear or maybe go over the top and where your ADC... this might serve as an ego squasher. from the looks of it you need it! so much for the silent hero huh?
  • In a Heartbeat. I am a 17 year old who is in the process of joining the coast guard and i am considering the AST A-school. if you could tell me anything that would help me that would be great.
  • Undoubtedly. I'd rather die age 17 than live the rest of my life knowing I let someone else die, just to retain my own life. There is nothing more pitiable than a person who feels no life is more important than their own.
  • No question my friend i plan to join the coast guard to be a rescue swimmer. Do you enjoy it?
  • I'm a military vet. And every single one of us, is by enlisting, technically willing to lay down our lives for our country.
  • Hey guy maybe you should stop asking people to pat you on the back.
  • What's with the Puddle Pirate patting himself on the back? Are you looking for people to tell you how awesome you are because you say you'll die for them? Get in line, pal. Lots of people say that.
  • i would except i dont even swim

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