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  • The same reasons we sneeze randomly at any other time of the day.
  • because they are allergic to sex. this a known fact. look it up on the internet. some people dont do it during masturbation while others only do it during masturbation. this is true. there are lots of facts about it on the internet.
  • This probably results from a generalized physiological reaction that occurs during sex: vasocongestion, i.e., heavy blood flow into various organs (not just the obvious ones). As long ago as 1875 it was known that sex sometimes causes "engorgement of the erectile tissue of the turbinates***," i.e., nasal swelling and congestion, often accompanied by sneezing. The sneezing may be caused by some mechanical irritation of the nasal passages triggered by orgasm, or (and I quote) "it can also be initiated by stimuli from the higher cerebral centers such as the psychosexual images which are commonly associated with copulation. (sexual fantacies)" from: *** The lamina propria of the conchae, including those of the Regio olfactoria, possesses large vascular venous plexuses. These vessels can engorge with blood (similar to erectile vessels of the penis). Erotic stimulation can cause engorgement.
  • Absolutely NOT a wive's tale. This has been happenning to me for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a kid soon as I would start to think about masturbation...I would sneeze. Now, whenever I think of arousing thoughts or see something that arouses me...I still sneeze. There is most definitely a connection. I have always wondered what it was. The one posted about the blood rushing etc. sounds very likely.
  • I believe I can explain why people sneeze during or just after orgasm, or at least come very close to the explanation. The cranio-sacral system is a body system comprised of the spinal cord and its wrapping known as the dura and cerebral-spinal fluid circulating within. This fluid and the wrapping are continuous with the cord and also enfold the brain itself. The skull bones are slightly movable as documented by electrical studies and palpation. The cranial nerves, including the reflex mechanism involved with the sneeze, is encased in the cranial vault or skull along with the dura and fluid and, of course, the brain. During an orgasm, the whole body convulses, including the cranio-sacral system. This normal pulsation or expansion and contraction is part of the orgasm reflex. During the event, the wrapping of the brain convulses as well, being continuous with the spinal cord that is likewise flexing and extending with sexual motions. In short, the tail pulls on the head. This causes some contraction and expansion of the cranial vault, as the folds around the brain are pulled by the rest of the wrapping from below in the cord. This folds in the skull are firmly attached to the skull bones and make them move slightly, increasing and decreasing pressure on the brain. The sinuses are caverns formed of skull bones, and they warp slightly, the bones flex, along with the rest of the architecture of the skull as the membranes pull on the bones during orgasm. It is conceivable that the cranial nerves causing the sneeze reflex are stimulated from within the cranium during the orgasm in this way. Hence, the sneese.
  • This is not an allergy. I sneeze when I am thinking about sex. I have been married 45 years. I thought I was the only person this happened to. I have always wondered why. It never happens once we are making love, only when I am thinking about it even if I am driving home from work alone, or when I am trying to go to sleep. Many times my husband hears me sneeze he will ask what kind of sneeze was that? What were you thinking about?
  • I'm afraid these anwers are all wrong. There is no such think as "allergy to sex" (allergy requires a allergen - a biological compound that enters the body). David D4 is ridiculous. Your skull bones warp during sex? You'd normally need a severe road traffic accident to disrupt your skull bones, they're stuck together pretty tight. The idea of blood flow to the nose comes from the work of Fliess, a 19th century german doctor who I'm afraid had absolutely no basis for his theories and has been discredited. The phenomenon you are describing is recognised in medicine and nothing to worry about. I am an ENT doctor looking into this, but I think almost certainly the most likely explanation is one of "parasympathetic summation". The details are complicated, but basically parts of your brain that control the sexual response are close to areas that make you sneeze. In some people the signals go the wrong way, and rather than going to the genitals they go to the nose. Lots of people actually sneeze when they look at sunlight, and this is inherited. There are also people who sneeze after a big meal. Both of these are (probably)also caused by signals going the wrong way. Hope that helps.
  • Well rick, sometimes when having intercourse people sneeze because there are dust particles on the bedding. This doesnt occur as often when having intercourse in other areas of the house, i.e. the kitchen, as there is no bedding there. The other reason could be that you are allergic to the person you are sleeping with and may want to 'cut her loose' asap! Kind Regards Wet Willy!
  • I googled for this previously a few years ago, and there wasn't a single reference to this phenomonum so I thought I was the only one in the world this happened to. It's fascinating to see that I'm not. There sems to be a common factor here - once sexual stimulation is underway we don't sneeze. I'm not the only one to say this - but I never sneeze when I'm with my guy, regardless of build up or anything else. It's only when I am thinking about sex on my own, or quite frequently not even sex as such but something with undertones of eroticism, or I'm about to masturbate that I sneeze. I sneeze about two to six times in rapid sucession then it doesn't happen again. There are several ridiculous explanations in this thread. Moody1's explanation is the one that seems most likely to me.
  • I thought this was just a wierd little issue unique to me. Then, one afternoon I was watching the 1981 movie 'Honky Tonk Freeway' w/ Beau Bridges. This guy's friend makes fun of him because he sneezes everytime he either sees a nude woman or was in any sexually aroused situation. Then I decided to search the net and found this thread. Funny little human quirks we have.
  • I, too, have for many years wondered if I am alone in having this issue. From adolescence (I'm a gay male) I have frequently sneezed repeatedly when I begin a particularly intense sexual fantasy. Then it goes away. I never sneeze when I am actually having foreplay or sex, just when fantasising. I have never told anyone about this for fear that every time they hear me sneeze, they will think I'm getting off!
  • I am not a physician but I do know that part of the reason men have an erection and women have an enlargement or "swelling" of their vulva when they become sexually aroused is a release of histamines by the body. The penis/vulvar tissue is in some ways much like sinus tissue and so the sinus tissue reacts to this release by swelling and the mild irritation from the swelling causes the sneeze. Like I said I'm not a doctor but, that is the way the system works -- 1 visual / physical/ cerebral stimulation, 2 the body releases sexual exciters to tell the body to get ready for sex 3 histamines are released also as part of the erection/ swelling process 4 sinus irritation occurs and BINGO you sneeze Another theory I've heard is that Pheromones are sometimes mistaken by the body as "invaders" and the histamine/ sneeze process is then initiated.
  • I have some training in body work therapies, including Reichian & Bioenergetics. I am not an expert. Those modalities suggest that sexual energy is repressed or blocked from flowing freely when there is "armoring" ,permanent physical tensions that are the result emotions that could not be handled & let go of earlier in one's life. That being said, I notice that there is some kind of intense conflict of feelings, to quick -so far- to catch that causes my sneeze.When I think intensely about or prepare for sex I can sneeze. For me personally, I feel the conflict has something to do with a negative judgement about being free to enjoy myself. Another way of describing it, the first moment, the first few seconds, horniness, the fantasy starts & then wham! No! Bad! .. whatever one's cultural or family negative baggage steps in and instantly a sneeze!
  • I'd never heard of this before. Interesting the things you learn on AB! Now sneezes have a whole new connotation.

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