• Cause Ajax' have wings?
  • i believe it's mostly caused by solar wind.
  • This is picture shows two different tails of a comet. A comet generally has two tails, not one. Some pictures accurately show this phenomena. One tail is due to the comet's dust particles, the other is due to ionized gas from the comet coma. Dust particles form the first tail. The only force which affects these small particles in space is corpuscular radiation from the Sun itself. This radiation pushes the tiny dust particles in the direction from which they came, the way wind can blow rain droplets at an angle. Cometary dust particles can be thought of as billowing up from the comet's surface. Thus, this comet tail generally points back along the comet trajectory. Ions (electrically charged particles), which first come from the nucleus as (neutral) gaseous particles, are swept into the second comet tail by interaction with the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF). The IMF, or magnetic field of the sun, which is present everywhere in interplanetary space, sweeps past the comet nucleus and carries the ions with it to form the tail. Because of this special interaction with the IMF, this tail always points directly away from the Sun. I hope this is helpful...
  • Because the star they orbit burns away the dust and ice. It is moving very fast causing the tail to be thousands and even millions of miles long.
  • Because if it didn't have a tail, it wouldn't be a comet.
  • Dust, ice, debris ect...
  • You travel close to a sun, the gravity and radiation tear you apart. You feel hurt and try to leave, with your body left. When people see you, they call you comets.

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