• The Canadian's wouldn't even know the difference. Mergings Mexico and the US would be like grafting a cat's head on a rat's body.
  • Canada and the US. The US doesn't really like Mexicans because of all the illegal immigration disputes.
  • Economically and culturally Canada and US are more similar.
  • Canada and the US!!!
  • The secret plan is that Canadians and Mexicans will quietly infiltrate the US until our numbers are larger than the american born population. Then we will devide it up. The north half to Mexico so they can experince the thrill of bitter cold winters and the south half to Canada so we can enjoy those blistering temperatures.
  • Most of us Canadians do not want to be part of the US. I am not speaking derogatorily..we just value who we are...and value our independence. Mexico..I really have no information on how they feel.
  • Under North American Union legislation we would all live together under one currency and one government.
  • Due to the similarities and long history of friendliness (for lack of a better term), I'd say the US and Canada. It would be nice to have the US adopt things like socialized medicine for example as part of the merger. :-)
  • How about we get the red states and blue states to merge into a single country first? :)
  • I agree with Da ben dan. We do value who we are.
  • I would say Mexico,but would doubt either country would ever merge.Canadian identity is too important and there is too many cultural differences.US and Mexico are much more closely aligned.I see though from the zero amount of points few agree.
  • In many social, economic, and cultural aspects (If not within the official arena of government), the U.S. and Mexico already *Have* merged.
  • I think we should just merge all three, then split them into three other countries, based on randomly picked, but fairly evenly spaced, lines of longitude, and see what happens. That's probably why I'll never be president.
  • in general it would be in US's interest to merge with either, even though considering current economic developments, mexico seems like a likelier of candidate. i wouldn't support either decision though. i think the US is big enough if not too big already. i am a fan of california or the entire west coast at that, seceding.
  • Jesus returning because he lost his car keys(Toyota)

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