• most likely you will have been given a 3 month trial the key will be in the box on a piece of card in a plastic bag! if not afraid you will have to buy it
  • Unless the laptop came installed with a legal copy of office, in which case the seller should have given you the disc and the product key, then the short answer is yes you do.
  • There should be a code on somewhere on your computer to put in the place of the product key. There should be a picture of what it looks like in the paper work for your computer. If you had to manually install the software then the product key will be somewhere on the packaging for it.
  • I had the same problem ... in my case it wouldn't take the product key, but I had an installation disk with the HP Laptop .. I re-installed and it took the product key.
  • If you want a very good office program, for Free, get download link→
  • Uninstall it and install Open office it works well and you will be out zero dollars.

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