• Oh.. I will admit, big is beautiful. But no,It really doesn't matter to me what size mine is, The person that gave it to me is what matters to me. Jimmy and I were not married yet, We had the rings already bought. I wear mine and his is with him.
  • i paid for my own engagement ring and my fiance paid me for it when the bill came... talk about crazy... i just wanted a ring on my finger to show that i was promised in marriage... i don't wear it or my wedding ring..... i hate rings
  • I love my wedding band and engagement ring. My stepdaughter helped my husband pick them out (she was 14 when we got engaged, and 16 when we got married.) It's the sentiment that counts, in my book. My wedding set is not huge, but it's the most beautiful one I can imagine having. The carat weight isn't nearly as important as the love that went into picking it out. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a hopeless romantic. :-)
  • my ex gave me a small engagement ring, but i loved it. we didn't get married, but at the time it meant everything to me.
  • You know what? I don't want to wear something that cost my man three months salary. Do you know what kind of traveling we could be doing on that cash? There are so many things I'd rather spend our money on than a ring, when a less expensive one is just as lovely.
  • My husband got me a ring out of one of those vending machines for $0.25, but it was more precious to me than a diamond because of the sentiment and love he had in his heart when he gave it to me and put it on my finger. I still have it, and even though I don't wear it daily (because it is very fragile and could break) it is just as precious as my actual engagement ring. It doesn't matter what the ring is made from, it is the intention of the love it represents that matters to me.
  • It symobolizes love to me.
  • No, it doesn't matter to me. What was a bit irritating was that everyone always reached to look at the ring when they found out I was engaged. It wasn't much to ooh and ahh over, so their reaction always put me on the defensive. If you find that happening to you, just remember the thought (and love) behind it, and you'll endure.
  • That's funny you should ask that...I was just talking with my man the other night about that. I honestly think that the value of the ring does not matter, I think it's more of the love and the thought that counts!
  • for me..its a symbol..we have matching rings..they were custom made, but very affordable and fancy diamonds for me!
  • The three I had wouldn't amount to $100.00. So, the next one will be the size of a miniature full length mirror..:D
  • To me it symbolizes love, however, I want my tastes and wishes at least thought of in the selection. That didn't happen with my former fiance, who bought what he liked. I said I liked the princess cut solitaire set in platinum. Ok, way expensive, which I understand. But how did what I like translate into a yellow gold marquise? :-/ I accepted and wore it, but it certainly wasn't 'me.'
  • it is the thought and love that counts not the size or price.
  • The size and material of the ring would not matter to me as long as it was a reflection of my taste. Of course, all I have is a plain gold band but I guess even then we knew how hard our wedding vows would be knocked. At least it's a 'comfort fit'!
  • My wedding band is a very small 3mm plain gold band and my engagement ring (which I received 10 years later) is a Black Hills Gold single blossom Rose ring. I have no diamond and although I would like one of those 3 stone rings, I have no need for a diamond. They make me nervous. On our 20th anniversary we were going to up-size our bands but the thought of not wearing my little band became so sad, that I asked Dearest to just let us keep them. She thought I was being silly but she acquiessed. Our love doesn't revolve around *what* we have on our hands. It revolves around what we have in our hearts. 27 years and counting....on the 30th we hope to head for Jamaica!! (I'd love to see if the sky and ocean are really that blue....)
  • you know my girlfriend got me my ring from a pawn shop, its not huge it probably isn't worth allot, but she knows i love rings and told me if ever marriage was in the picture she would love to marry me. I don't think that tonz of money on a ring symbolizes anything, it just means that you have pricy taste lol. Love is love and if its small its ok at least you have the love. I loved the lady's story that her ring was a .25 cent ring and she loves it because he loves her. Way to go.
  • I just ask that it's not like a cereal box ring if I ever get one. Other than that, I do not expect anything fancy or super expensive.
  • It's what it symbolizes. My step sister was engaged 15 years ago. Her fiancee spent 9 grand on the ring but that wasn't good enough for her. He dumped her, got married & had kids & she 43 & still looking. In my opinion she doesn't deserve a 1 dollar ring
  • I think it is more about if the ring really feels like "YOU" by "YOU" I mean has the guy taken the time to really know who this other person is that when he sees the ring he knows it is the "ONE" because it suits her personality it is "HER"
  • I loved my enagagement ring because 'he' gave it to me. The size and material were irrelevant.
  • I don't care about my ring really, as long as it fits a few simple rules: I don't want anything big, and especially not clunky. I don't want anything that's bright gold- I hate bright gold. Other than that- feel free. The fact that my man loves me enough to spend his life with me- that's what matters. I'm simple, I don't want alot. I'd rather have a cool design than a big rock that would poke someone's eye out. I'm not into that. Besides all that fancy stuff would look funny with my Converse!
  • Size and materal doesn't matter to me one bit. It's what it sybolizes that does. Who cares if he bought you this huge rock if your marriage sucks? Might as well pawn it and get yourself a good divorce attorny if that's the case. If you're a woman and all you care about is a ring and not your marriage you've got issues. Big issues. You're greedy too. By the way that $10,000 ring you're so hot for only cost the jewler $100. You just wasted the down payment on a nice house for a rock. Guys, if she's telling you it has to be this many carates and this kind of diamond quality and cost x amount of dollars that's not a woman you want to merry. My friend did this to her husband. He went out and had her ring custome made and all she did was complain about the quality and size of the diamond. She damn near draged him back to the jewlers for a new stone. By the way their marriage is terrible. Now me, I would give anything to have that engagement he was going to go get me when the tax money came. What ever it was would have thrilled me to no end. I would give anything to have heard those words "Will you marry me?" I would give anything for that day we would have said "I do". He died before we had the chance. That's what matters to me not some silly piece of jewlery.
  • The size doesn't matter, as long as it represents true love I'm happy!
  • I'm not a picky person. As long as it came from the heart it wouldn't matter where the ring came from, or what it looks like.
  • Not at all. My husband and I got married six months ago and neither of us make alot of money. Needless to say the diamond in my engagement ring was not the size he wanted to buy me. He also bought me a wedding band that the engagement ring locked into, this to has diamonds in it. But to me they are big enough. He felt I deserved a huge rock because of how much he loves me. But like I told him the size of the diamond don't matter because I Married the diamond!!
  • Yeah the symbol of love the most important...if you want my opinion on size or quality being most important...I would rather have a tiny perfect diamond than a slightly flawed bigger one.

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