• Blot with a clean cloth and then use lukewarm water and a clean cloth to wipe the stain. The cloth should not be soaking wet, just damp. Brush the area with a suede brush and while brushing, a blowdryer can be used. or you can try spraying with hairspray to disolve it and blot up immediately with kitchen towel, to stop it spreading. it may take a tin of hairspray to work though. if you are going to try the hairspray removal test an area first.
  • i have a suede couch celery colored and i took off some pen markings from my kids off the couch with hairspray. just spray it on and rub gently or blot.
  • Try Goof-off or lacquer thinner and read the instructions.
  • I dunno, but don't you step on my blue suede shoes.

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