• They will get giggly and tired and HUNGRY, if they act cocky the should not smoke it, then they have issues
  • There is no right answer here. All people are different and therefore will act differently if they have smoked a joint depending on their mood and the company that they are keeping and the quality of the smoke itself. People can act in any of the ways that you listed above.
  • Well, I act crazy =] And I say things that make people laugh, like "oh my goodness.. I look like Jesus in sandals! Will you look at that!" Some of my best quotes have been while high.
  • I get giggly and hungry. Sometimes something may happen that will trip me out, then I feel kinda paranoid. But for the most part it's fun.
  • There are all different sorts, but the five I come across the most are the giggler, the sleepyhead, the muncher, the thinker and the paranoider. My mum was a thinker and muncher, and I'm a giggler and sleepyhead with an undercurrent of muncher.
  • lazy, slow, paranoid, creative.

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