• Have you asked your husband this question? Not to be derisive, but seriously and sincerely, I suggest you just find a quiet moment, make sure you are in the right frame of mind (non-judgemental), and just ask him a straight question and look to his face when he answers. If he answers with a straight "no" then he probably means it. If on the other hand, he answers with anything but a direct "no" then MAYBE he is thinking about it or has considered it. Please understand, that for a man to admit that he has homosexual feelings is pretty humiliating in our society, especially if he is married, but it is important and it is healthy for these feelings to be understood by both of you if he has them. And his answer to the direct question is probably the best sign you will ever have. As for the other "signs" of homosexual tendencies.... years ago, there were all sorts of stupid ideas about how to spot a homosexual, back then, any male who was seen smelling a flower was labled a "homosexual" and if he denied it, he was a "latent homosexual." Talk about life in the dark ages. Most of these "signs" are just stupid stereotypes (e.g. limp wrists, lisping, etc..) that actually apply to only a few people. About the only exhibited behavior that usually indicates homosexual tendencies is what we today call "homophobia." Men and women who express a bitter hatred for homosexuals, and call them by offensive names (e.g. fag, sodomite, catamite, dyke, etc...) are quite often expressing such strong hatred as a way of forcing down their OWN homosexual desires. Keep this in mind when you ask your husband, if he says "hell no!" and goes into a rant and asks how could you ever think he was a homosexual, then I would strongly suspect this is a psychological "smoke screen" put up to conceal his real homosexual desires. Remember that line from Shakespear, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much."
  • I went a step further. I love my wife with all my heart. She has come to enjoy fullfilling me on sexual levels that are, at best, questionable. I trim very close (not shave) my genitals. I enjoy her anal stimulations. She knows I enjoy deep passioned kissing during and right after her BJ's. she even encourages me to play with myself while we are watching tv at night (just likes watching). but I tested her love and our relationship when I told her that during my mastarbation sessions I think of her sitting watching me in bed with another man. And that the thought of her seeing me with a man's genitals in my mouth was my biggest turn on. She asked if this was something I needed to fullfill. I told her what I needed was to tell her my deepest most private thoughts. It has been years now and we are still deeply in love and have great sex. I love her because she has accepted me completely! thanks
  • personally I believe that when the times arrives that a woman see signs that her husband might be interested or curious about being with a man, it has already occurred, and the husband now displays signs that shows his inward feelings. and if he is truly bi-sexual or straight he will give his wife a honest answer because he is tired of living a double life, so it is now time for the wife to ask the question directly and not beat around the bush. but; most of all be prepared for an answer that you do not want to hear. this is just my opionion.
  • I think that my husband may be bisexual. Before we got together I found numbers to gay chat line as well as other chat lines,,,he always worries about his appearance his hair, his clothes. He uses different beauty products,,,i've caught him looking at other men especially butts. I have noticed in the last couple months he likes me to finger his butt. His sexual interest in me is very minimal...he says i complain a lot about our sex life,,,when i get mad and call him gay he gets mad or at times he acts it. what do you think???
  • well he isnt my husband-yet. We are scheduled to get married in October. A few days ago i was clearin out the internet history (lil siblings coming over an likey to us computer, didnt want redtube to pop up) and i went to type in www.s (for and up came , i automatically assumed that it was a woman squirting site...nope...its a website for men to find men and places to meet. It wasnt just it had user id after it an all types of stuff. And all of these little things keep poppin in my now im worried hes gay or bi or thinking bout it or have done it. IDK but im really scared to find out, and besides ill never know if hes really being honest with me bout it. I just want to understand.So i fell your pain.

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