• Don't drink water from a glass, buy bottled water that is purified. Also, you might have to get used to seeing dogs roasting on a bamboo stick. They kill their pets in vietnam for food. :(
  • Waiters almost never are allowed to accept tips - so hide your tip under your bowl and then leave, otherwise they won't get it. Plus the food is awesome, it's really inexpensive too - make sure and try the pho!
  • Don't go there thinking it's Thailand and try to screw some 12 year old, they'll cut off your offending member.
  • Do any of these people live in Vietnam? I live there! Work: You need an educational background. Most English speaking expatriates teach English. You won't be able to secure a job before you leave. If you contact me when you arrive, I can put you in contact with people who can give you a job. If you are an American thinking you can get a job with an American corporation here, like Ford, Procter and Gamble, Colgate, or General Motors, you won't. They can hire locals much cheaper than you will take. And if you don't have the skills they want in America, they won't want you here either. Housing: You should be able to find a house for half of what you earn in a month. You cannot live with a member of the opposite sex who is a citizen of Vietnam without a marriage license. (This is also true about staying in a hotel room.) Sex isn't illegal, just spending the night. You will be offered a long lease, which the owner of the property will most likely break and you will be evicted after the owner sells the property to someone else. Arrival: Get a six month multiple entry visa from your nearest Vietnam Consulate-General. Also you will need a ROUND TRIP ticket to the country. You won't use the return trip portion and you won't get your money back However,you will find that one way trips cost the same as round trip tickets.

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