• Temporary employees first, then part-timers, then full-timers.
  • Temporary employees
  • It depends on your business, how much each is paid, how their performance is and if you are paying them benefits. I would cut hours based on seniority and performance. An employee who really gives 100% is a better use of your payroll than an employee who slacks off; regardless of their normal "part-time" or "full-time" designation. If you MUST decide strictly between part-time and full-time, I would cut part-time first. It is easier to replace them and it is easier for them to find other jobs to replace you.
  • The least productive employees.
  • Casuals, then temporary employee's, then part-time, then full-time.
  • if your not in a union and don't have a contract (an at will state) anyone can go first, maybe you shouldn't have pass all or your work on the temps, when you think were not watching you, we are
  • The least productive ones. The ones who can't get along with others and cause problems with co-workers and customers. The ones who don't follow instructions or are not dependable. Those who come in late, leave early, ask for days off or constantly call in sick (when not sick). Those who can't be trusted to work without constant supervision and correction. But this is from the perspective of a working manager who only had one store. If I was working at corporate headquarters I would probably have a different perspective. Then I'd probably tell each store what to cut in general terms and let them decide the specifics.
  • Mine were cut and I’m part time
  • I'd cut the worst employees. Just because you're full-time, that doesn't mean that you're not replaceable with someone else who can do the job better.

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