• I had a virus on my PC Laptop that fried the BIOS. I bought a Mac. =)
  • Yes ,I did it myself before anyone told me in Computer speak Restore meant wipe everything off. That is exactly what I did. I lost all my family photographs,videos and music. I had to completely reformat amd reinstall everything but of course some very important things to me were gone forever.
  • LOL I didn't. That will teach me to do a back-up!
  • Yes, My computer is now saying that it does not recognize a hard drive and wont boot at all... I am now using my hubbys work laptop until I can get it fixed. I am glad I backed up all the photos and such a few weeks back but I want my puter back... WAHHHHHH!
  • Yes, at least twice. It wasn't that bad because we always save our files to a flash drive.
  • A few times, usually intentionally and in a pre-planned manner. I have my important documents backed up on DVD and a spare HD for rescue purposes. I also maintain a DVD with the latest versions of the basic applications I use (AVG, ZoneAlarm, Pidgin, Firefox, etc...) for a quick rebuild.
  • Yeah, I had that happen one time; i had deleted this one windows file one time that I didn't think I needed, and Bam!!! My computer just shut down, and when I tried rebooting it, it said NTLDR not loaded. I didn't know what in the heck I had done, so I called a fewcomputer stores, and learned that I had lost my OS competely. I had no restore disks whatsoever,; I went and bought myself a newspaper and began looking in the classifieds, found a number where a guy had an OS for sale for 99.00 because I couldn't afford the 199.00 that Office Depot wanted, so I went, bought the OS, came back home and reformatted my hd ( first time I had ever did anything like this), and installed the OS. Needless to say I was very happy to hear that old Windows XP booting up sound.
  • It hasn't happened before. I try hard not to visit those cheap virus crap websites. (I hope this isn't one!)
  • I begged for another free used one and ran my disk to fix it.
  • yes, A cloned hard drive & flash drive with copy of docs
  • not yet
  • Yes mine had a Windows update that showed it was installed then the next time I turned my computer it would not shut down and stay off. I kept forcing it off for 2 days then the next time I turned it on . . . I had to take it to the shop and found out the hard drive was gone. They fixed it for me.
  • the mother board broke on one of my laptops, had to get another one
  • The hard drive on my first computer (OptiPlex 755) crashed. Three years of research was lost. Since then, everything goes to flashdrive. Unlike retards, I don't specialize in making the same mistake again and again and again.

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