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  • It depends on her weight.
  • no i don't think that's always the case. it ca be the other way around sometimes
  • no, most guys are too stuborn to show their true emotions. so it dosent seem like they took the "fall" that hard.
  • If she is in high heels, maybe. If you are talking about falling in love, which I suspect you are, the answer depends on the girl and guy in question. I don't think there is any hard, fast rules that state a girl falls harder than a guy. It really depends on the nature of the girl/guy. Some guys fall very, very hard. And what about in gay couples where both people are of the same sex? Does one necessarily fall harder than the other? I think the answer is no. Personally, I fall hard when I fall in love. That has more to do with who I am rather than what my gender is.
  • No intensity varies even with the same two ppl over time much less attractions that are not returned. Its not like this is something that can be objectively measured. It might or might not be worth noting that 87% of stalking perpetrators are male.

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