• the problem is that you can't 'do' this as such, for us to travel at the speed of light is completely impossible.... so the answer to your question is that the question itself is self-defeating and impossible to solve
  • Even if that were physically possible as far as we know, in that situation you wouldn't be able to 'see' the light, because it'd be travelling away from your eyes at the same speed that you are moving, and thus none would enter your eyes to be detected and 'seen'. Though if you were travelling 'towards' a light source at the speed of light, it would shift up the spectrum significantly (red shift effect), and I guess become much brighter, since a great deal more light is entering your eyes than normally would. If you were travelling away from the source, you wouldn't see it (if you travelled at exactly the speed), if you were slightly slower then it would shift significantly 'down' the spectrum for the same reasons as it shifted up the first time.
  • I don't think this question makes sense - and I am too old to run that fast.
  • if you greased up your sled like Clark Griswald in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation then you would know the answer to that.
  • Like this.
  • I'll humor you...this is impossible, but we'll pretend we don't know that. Einstein actually answered this for us in the theory of relativity. Let's say that you are moving just one mph short of C (speed of light) relative to me. You give your supercar just a little more gas, and your speedometer reads "C." Now you look out your window, and you realize that light looks just like it did when you were standing still. You see, light is a zero rest mass particle. This means that it ALWAYS travels at C. No matter how fast you go, if you were to measure the speed of light, you would get the answer C. Relativity is crazy like that. Everything else would look crazy, but light would look exactly the same.
  • it would be posible to travel at the speed of light you would have to be in space though alls you would have to do is fire a ship from a ship from a ship and so on because i space you do not slow down Eg If you were on a train witch was traviling at 70mph and say a gun shot at 70 mph when gravity caught up with the items so you wer no longer pulled back when you fierd the gun it would be going at 140 mph even if it was only for a short time
  • i would look like everyone else
  • First of all, we need to understand what is 'Light'? Light is a corpuscular,eletromagnetic traverse vibration which travels in the Lumineferious Ether at 186,000 miles per second. In essence, Light moves as a wave. If you could travel alongside light at the same speed and 'see' it, you would 'see' a wave at rest. A wave at rest is no longer a wave. It would be something else.
  • a blur of brightness

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