• Me too, it looks like a good buy. But I don't know, I need a testimonial!
  • I haven't seen or played the DP-201 but I have some experience in Hemingway keyboards: I tried Hemingway DP-500 at my local music store and the hammer action was just horrible. I'm not an experienced pianist, mainly played on more synth-like keyboards but I know a bad touch response when I try one nevertheless. It poses little resistance and as soon as you apply enough force the key just bounces all the way to the bottom, it was pretty hard to try to get any kind of mellow or soft tunes out of the thing (not that there was much difference in the velocity samples anyway though) whereas I had no problem with doing the same on Clavinovas, Privias and other quality (and expensive) instruments. Seems like, at least for the moment, there's really no other chance than to pay more (almost double actually) if you do want a good instrument. Have to say I'm pretty bummed out too, I planned to buy the very same model as you but there's no way I ever take my chances with Hemingway, not without trying this particular instrument first.

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