• Mostly Fear
  • Neither. It is utter indifference.
  • i'm not sure that it's either of those, but i'd like to note that hate & fear can go quite well together. love is like ... a prime number. it is unique to the point where i don't beleive there is any exact opposite. also, it's a different experience for different people. so, add that into the equation. there's no simple answer.
  • I think the opposite of love is -- evil. Hate is evil, much more so than fear.
  • Hate is a symptom of fear but fear is not necessarily the opposite of love. I have to agree with Just Keysha and say indifference.
  • I have always believed apathy, which is another word for indifference, but I prefer "Apathy" because of subtle elements of meaning. I am certainly apathetic towards about my housemate, although I am not indifferent to her presence which gives me chills of apprehension. There is no hate or fear involved, because I feel nothing for her, not even sympathy although I know her personal situation is not a good one. I will try to help her because she is a good person with overwhelming problems and I try to be charitable, but any depth of feeling for her simply doesn't exist. My answer: apathy.
  • I look at it like cant hate someone with out loving them first...If you never loved them then it would be dislike....But if there was an opposite of love it would have to be hate...;)
  • Just Keysha said my answer too. Indifference is the opposite of love in my opinion. If I hate someone that shows I still have feelings for them. If I didnt care then I wouldnt bother to hate them or have any feelings at all about them. When I do love someone they are always in my thoughts and I want them in my life. If they have no place in my life and especially in my thoughts, then that is the truest form of not loving them. A true lack of love is not caring, not thinking about them, not doing anything.
  • hate, is the general polar opposite to love.
  • I would think the opposite of love would be unloved.
  • Selfishness.
  • The opposite of love is completely apathy, not caring at all.
  • Neither, it's apathy
  • I would imagine, apathy. Hate is pretty close to love, as they are both similar emotions. There can also be fear in love.
  • Unloved. Just because one dose not love someone or something. Does not always mean they have to hate nor ever fear. Just my point of view tho.........................M.C.S.
  • Indifference.

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