• You can try vinegar at home or go the store and buy swimmers shampoo.
  • Best bet from a one time life guard: Use a good swimming cap.
  • Pour a can of coca-cola in your hair and let it sit for a minute or two. Then rinse and shampoo/condition as normal. I have also heard mixing baking soda in with your shampoo when you wash works. Or you can just go buy Ultra-Swim shampoo and conditioner...they are specially formulated to remove chlorine from your hair.
  • Using the colour wheel theory ( colours from opposite ends of the wheel can neutralise each other e.g. red neutralises green. I have heard of people therefore using tomato sauce on their hair to remove mild green tones and its worked - try a little on a strand test to check but if it works its cheap and easy way to sort the problem - remember to use a nice smelling shampoo afterwards lol :D

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