• Comedies. Anykind, old or new. And, those old, old murder mysteries.
  • i like old war movies like TROY ,300,ODYSSEY
  • I like mystic romantic drama film like Bram Strokers Dracula. I also like film that really puts you in a certain mood, feel a certain way, want to dress in a certain way, behave a certain way: Wes Anderson's Royal Tennenbaum (dress, feel), Great Expectation (feel, behave) In the mood for love (dress), Amores Perros (behave), The doors (behave, mood, feel).
  • same as you, troy is the best, once i watched it twice in 1 day! very sad!!! The gladiator, 300, anything like that
  • "cult movies" Like Pink Flamingos, Rocky Horror Picture Show, What ever happened to Baby Jane Hudson or Night of the living dead.
  • Comedy and Action
  • Old warrior movies. Ones that have mainly only one hero. Ie. Troy, Gladiator, Braveheart, the Patriot
  • Westerns and Spaghetti Westerns from the mid 60' thru the mid 70's.
  • Horror movies, more specifically, slashers and zombie movies.
  • I like stylish badass movies like Pulp Fiction, Scarface, Lucky Number Slevin, Ocean's Eleven, Shoot Em' Up, Smokin' Aces etc.
  • Marx Brothers Comedies & Jimmy Cagney Gangster films.
  • I used to be all about the Sci-Fi but when I got married I realized I'd have to expand my tastes if I wanted someone to watch movies with! I love dark movies that are disturbingly comfortable like American Psycho, American Beauty, and Pulp Fiction. I enjoy relating to the bad guy. It probably helps to keep me out of trouble in real life! I like a good black & white gangster movie, especially if Edward G Robinson is in it.
  • Movies that invoke deep thought.
  • i like suspense/thriller movies like Dolores Claiborne, when a stranger calls, the poughkeepsie tapes and most shephen king movies
  • Tartan Asian Extreme... all the revenge series ones. I think everything about those films beats Hollywood hands down. In some ways it is more like art, and the characters are far more developed.
  • I like informative and thought provoking documentaries... usually political, based around current events. In no particular order: Iraq for Sale Occupied Minds Why We Fight Taxi to the Darkside Prisoner: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair The Road to Guantanamo Hacking Democracy American Blackout Unconstitutional: War on our Civil Liberties American Drug War: The Last White Hope Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices Rupert Murdoch: Outfoxed Control Room Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Maxed Out In Debt We Trust America: Freedom to Fascism The Obama Deception Endgame: The Blueprint for Global Enslavement Washington, You're Fired! King Corn Generation RX Manufactured Landscapes This is What Democracy Looks Like Orwell Rolls in His Grave Waco: Rules of Engagement Holes in Heaven Angels Still Don't Play this HAARP ... . . I could go on... If anyone knows of any they'd like to recommend, please let me know! thanks!

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