• set up your party cups in the shape of a triangle and fill them with beer, one triangle on either side of a long table. one person from each team plays at a time. take a ping pong ball and toss it across the table, trying to get it into a cup of beer. if you make it in, the person on the other team (playing against you) has to drink it. whoever eliminates the cups on their opponent's side of the table first wins. ive added some links since there are about a million different ways to change up the rules. for instance, sometimes you have a team, say 5 people, and each of those 5 pick a number, and they play against the person who picked that same number on the opposing team. hope this helps.. if you need more explaining i'll try!
  • You'll need the following supplies: A rectangular/square table 4 Ping Pong balls 22 Dixie/Plastic cups At least a 12-pack of beer Plastic trash bag (optional) to cover the floor 2 players on two teams (4 total players) Rules may vary but this is how I've played: Set up the cups similar to what you see in the first picture (they're midway through a game, and 4 cups have been eliminated from the side closest to the camera operator). Fill up each side of cups with equal amounts of beer, (I typically distribute 2 cans of beer among the 10 cups on my side) Each side may get a cup of water to dunk the ball prior to each shot if you don't want dirt/dust in the beer. Game play: Player 1 throws the ping pong ball into the opposing team's cup. If you succeed, they have to drink that cup and replace it into the triangle formation. If you fail, play continues. If the ball bounces on the table prior to entering a cup, the opposing team may swat the ball away, and the throwing team drinks a cup of their own beer. If the ball completely misses the table, it's an 'air ball' and the throwing team drinks a cup. Objective: Get the opposing team to drink all of their cups of beer. Once that objective is met, the losers have to drink the remaining beer on the winning team's side, and/or a pitcher of beer set aside, or shots of liquor... whatever. Other rules: When 4 cups have been emptied of beer, it's a "clear", and the triangle formation gets smaller. 3 at the base, 2 then 1 up front. Another 3 emptied after that brings the formation to 2 at the base and 1 up top, and finally when it's the last cup, it stays by itself at the center and edge of the table. More detailed rules can be found here:
  • If you're drunk enough... however you want
  • ExpertVillage has an entire video series on How to Play Beer Pong. Rules, how to make a table, how to win, etc. Check it out! How to Play Beer Pong -

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