• Put it in the bank. Get an interest-bearing checking account with an ATM card with no fees, and then keep saving.
  • Well sounds like you've made up your mind to spend it! If you must buy something, make it something you will use alot, and enjoy. Maybe you could spend some and save just alittle. Put it in the Bank in a savings. It's not gonna hurt to save some, and then you can get something real nice!!!! Even if it's 10 bucks save some. :)
  • Save it! You might find a use for it later. I do the same thing nowadays, and it's well worth it. But don't let people borrow it... I've lost over $20 that way.
  • Since nobody else will actually answer your question, I would get Madden 08 always a good puchase I've owned every one since 97

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