• He's thinking two things. #1 Man... I really screwed up #2 My A** is really sore.
  • Most probably thinking that he was justified, unlucky to get caught and that his sentence was too harsh.
  • I think it has been 10 years and time to let Justin out. I believe he learned his lesson. There are people out there who have done so many things and repeatedly and they are free. Let the poor guy out on good behavior or something. Very sad that he was not allowed to attend his fathers funeral. I think his mother needs him home now.
  • I am sure he is remorseful, not just for what he did to Mr. Louima, but that his dad, only 63 died so young and his actions probably contributed to that death,leaving is ill mother a widow.I also think he should be released. His father had a point, drug lords, pedophiles, murderers, child killers,rapists, career felons, violent ones at that get lesser sentences. Did they want to make an example of him, Yes and they did.Do I think it serves a purpose to keep him longer, no I don't. I think Alan Vinegrad will get his one day for sending and innocent Charles Shwartz to prison and may one day find himself there for crossing the line, or maybe for something he didn't do, that would be justice.It's time for Justine volpe to be released.
  • I can't tell you what he is thinking, all I can say is he is not the monster he was portrayed to be. He comes from a beautiful, god fearing family. He was not a trouble maker or a bully. Justin made a bad mistake. Poor judgement. But really don't we all? How many people have a couple of drinks and than drive home. What if they kill someone? They could be wonderful people who had a bad lapse in judgement. We all make mistakes. Some more harsh than others. But take it from someone that grew up with Justin. I believe he made a mistake, like we all do. I also believe he was made an example of by an over zealous judgeand a bloodthirsty media. 30 years was his sentence. That is a disgrace. Murders, molesters, drug dealers get lighter sentences. I pray for Justn all the time. I pray for his mom, his late dad Robert and his 2 brothers. I pray that some sensible, politcal figure helps him to get out soon. I dont know what he is thinking but I can tell you what I think. Enough time served.
  • What I find to be beyond believable is what has gone on in NYC in October 2008 with the Michael Mineo case. To know that Justin Volpe is in jail for the attack on Abner Louima that ten years later, something just as insane could take place makes my jaw drop.
  • its really a fucking shame.. he was and is a good guy.. he had one of the toughest most stressfull jobs in the world.. hes human and he got caught up in a moment of insanity.. he deserved to be punished but 30 years is way to long.. its time he is released.. it could have happened to anyone of us.. thats the problem with you tight assed liberals.. you free the rapists, murders, molesters and drug dealers.. but god for bid the crime is committed against you or your family... what goes around comes around mother fuckers and you will all have your day.. especially you alan vinegrad...
  • As someone who became good friends with him in prison, I can tell you first-hand that he is very sorry for what he did and knows he deserves to be punished. Though he, like I, think that 30 years is very excessive considering murderers and rapists get much less time. For the people who treat him like a murderer or pedophile, who would you rather have in jail? A good person and cop who made a mistake or someone who might molest or kill your children. Contrary to what many people believe, not everyone in prison is a monster, there are many good people who have made mistakes. Unfortunately, people don't realize that until their family member or friend gets sent away. I pray Bush gives him a commutation.
  • Hmmm! 5 out of 8 comments are from newbies who all think that he was just a good guy who made a mistake. Does that sound like stacking to anyone else, or is it just me?
  • Some of the answers are mindblowing. To me the fact that his job is to uphold the law makes him that much more accountable to it. Police are given a unique power in our society that when compromised makes a total mocker of justice. To me the banker who embezzles money is far worse than the common thief because they are entrusted blindly to protect. Our police are even more critical in that same spirit. I hope Justin has some remorse, but if his attitude is anything like the people posting here, he is probably deluding himself into thinking he was railroaded and has probably joined aryan nations or something.
  • I believe that Justin is remorseful for his horrific actions against Louima I think 30 years is excessive. I beleive he deserves a second chance..
  • I believe that Justin deserves a second chance.. i beleive he regrets his actions ten years ago at the 70 precinct. I beleive Justin should be let out of prison now. I believe Justin served his time and whish him all the best and hopes his conviction will be overturned and he will be pardoned...
  • I believe that justin should be released from prison he paid his dues and is very sorry for his actions against Louima. he deserves a second chance and be with his family...
  • I beleive everyone deserves a second chance.. let him out of prison.. he did his time.. 30 years is to harsh. God bless you Justin.. My prayers are with you and your family
  • Let justin Out... he deserves a second chance
  • I believe Justine deserves a second chance... I believe he is very sorry for his actions against Louima. Let him out of prison
  • I believe Justine deserves a second chance... I believe he is very sorry for his actions against Louima. Let him out of prison
  • I think Justin shoud get another chance and be let out of prison soon. I feel bad for him and his family.. People say and do things in the heat of the moment they dont think of the consequences... I just dont think Justin is a bad guy. He mad a very bad mistake he deserves another chance. God Bless you Justin. i will pray for you
  • I think that justin is remorseful for his actions against Louima, I believe he is a good guy who got caught up in the heat of the moment and deserves a second chance of freedom. I prayed for justin that one day he will be released from jail. I beleive 30 years is to excesive. its a shame that he was not allowed to even attend his fathers funeral. God bless you justin. i hope you will be released from prison soon so you can be with your family..
  • I hope Justin will be released from prison soon 30 years is too excessive... I hope one day obama will give him another chance...
  • I think Justin is thinking he screwed up. I beleive he deserves a second chance and a reduced sentence. 30 years is too excessive.. i beleive he is a good guy who just made a bad mistake in the heat of the moment. i will pray for Justin. I whish him well.
  • I think justin thinks he messed up. and I believe he is very sorry for his brutal attack against Louima. i think that Justin deserves a second chance... and should receive a reduced sentence 30 years is excessive.. i will pray for justin I whish him well..
  • I think Justin should receive a second chance of freedom.. He deserves a reduced sentence. I dont think its right that justin was not allowed to attend his own fathers funeral... His father was a good man and father and drove every month 1200 miles to see his son in prison. my own father would not even do that for me if i was in prison.. god bless you Justin and may you rest in peace Rob Volpe
  • no im not black no im not justins girlfriend and no i dont visit him in prison.. i saw his case recently on the news because it was the anniversary of the attack in august. i felt bad.. of course mr.Louima did not deserve to be brutally attacked.. by justin and those other cops.. I beleive that people deserve a second chance and justins sentence is too long.. i dont know justin personally I also whish Mr. Luoima well..
  • I think 3o years is too excessive Justin made a mistake im sure he is very regrettful for his brutal attack on Louima he mad a very poor judgement everyone deserves a second chance I hope oe day soon Justin will get a reduced prison sentence so he can go home and be with his family. I whish him well I will pray for him
  • His sentence is too harsh.. I will pray for him.
  • OMG! I can't believe the comments wishing Justin well. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID? THAT SENTENCE IS NOT AT ALL EXCESSIVE HE SHOULD HAVE HAD LIFE. Shows how much regard you have for others' lives, espescially when they are black. He was clearly racist. That was not the only attack he made. He also cut off the dreadlocks of Jamaiacans and kept a collection of them in his locker. I'm glad such a monster and creep is locked up. He is clearly a demon and nothing else. I will only pray for Mr. Louima.

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