• Buy a DVD recorder for about $150.00 or so and just play your VCR and record them on the discs in your DVD Recorder. To can go to Wal*Mart and get a good deal too at times. Better yet find a friend that has one if money is a big deal but this would be a real nice investment.
  • If your PC has a video option to capture video, you could just record all your video's to digital format on your PC. If you have a DVIX software, you can have them compressed to smaller size to save hard drive space and burn them on to a DVD-R without processing it to be a DVD movie disc. Some DVD players are DVIX compatible and will allow you to play the files burned on the DVD-R instead of having to make a DVD movie disc. Some information on DVIX is here: But the simplest way is what Bronto Burger Kevin said, purchase a DVD recorder and record your video tapes directly with the recorder. There are DVD recorders also come with hard drives so you can store the recording on the hard drive and burn them to DVD-R's later. You should note that commercial video tapes are copy protected so the images will be distorted if you try to copy them. You would need a signal filter to convert those tapes to DVD.
  • If you have a lot of videos, buy a DVD recorder and copy them to DVD. However, if they're videos you purchased, some may be copy protected and won't let you copy them.

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