• I think women have more potential for lower body strength that is superior to the average man's. If they explored this potential, they could beat a man using their legs if they were on their back or kicking.
    • Anoname
      They are better kickers - standing or on the back.
  • men are stronger in the upper half their body then women are actually stronger in the lower half (childbirth)that is why when taking self-defense class they have so much kicking.
  • Never underestimate the power of bitchyness. It's ten times stronger than adrenaline.
  • Women's centre of gravity is an inch or something lower than men's and as such have more of their mass in their lower body than men. Think of it as men are top heavy, women bottom heavy. Evolution gave women a greater proportionally lower body strength for childbirth. However even so women have approximately 85% the lower body mass as men (and 50% upper body) and the comment about greater growth potential is greatly flawed not only because men do have more muscle mass in the lower body but because testosterone (of which they have x20) is the prime factor when assessing muscle strength and growth potential. That is why even powerlifting events where thighs and glutes are the primary muscle group e.g. squat, men's records are very much greater. Upper body strength is extremely dominant when it comes to fighting etc. and if a woman (or a weak man) knows martial arts etc. then using it in the correct way is the best hope she's got at defending herself. In martial arts using the strength of the foe to your advantage using your hands is far for effective and safer than kicks etc. (which are dangerous, can get you in jail, have potential to have murder on your concious and should be last resort) Of course it is far better to prevent a fight than engage in one. If you are a woman who is being pursued by an aggressor then escape is the primary aim. For that running, stamina etc. would be your first bet. Get to somewhere where there are people. Believe me if there are men there they will protect you (chivalry is not dead to the point where they will not protect you - that is men's strongest instinct - to protect women and children).
  • I agree whit the others, but I would like to add, that a lot of it is mental strength, that keeps you fighting.

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