• Oh, god, yes. It's pathetic.
  • Nope, my job is really simple, I just sit back and enjoy myself :)
  • Yes but then there is supposed to be Drama.
  • yes! i work in a hospital!
  • Sometimes it turns into comedy, thankfully rarely tragedy : )
  • better than a soap opera anyday!
  • Exactly half of the people who enter my workplace leave a winner and half leave a loser. There is an equivalent amount of drama, but it rarely plays out here. The parking lot is another whole issue though. Did I mention for the judicial department?
  • Theyre more drama at my house than work. At least at work i dont have to work about a temperental slightly mentally challenged brother destroying stuff. Or a father that acts more like a drill sergeant than my father. I tihnk i oughta go move in to my work place.
  • A surprising amount really. And most of the time, I am part of it. Drama has engulfed my life.
  • Like you wouldn't believe. The entire hospital has become a political minefield, with the wards becoming the battlegrounds, the poor patients becoming the civilians caught up in it all. The stroke ward I occasionally work on obviously has its own nursing team, but because it holds patients who have very complex rehabilitation needs, the therapy team (physios, OTs, and therapy assistants like me) there is dedicated to that ward and specialise in stroke rehab. As such, the therapy for each patients is very time consuming and staff intensive, meaning we are rushed off our feet trying to cope. Yet at the moment, because of nursing staff shortages, they've closed several beds, to reduce the workload for the nursing staff. So you would think that the nurses are overworked, but it's exactly the opposite. Currently, the therapy staff are having to help with toileting, bed changing, dressing, drinks, oral hygiene and pressure sore monitoring, in addition to the therapy for each patient, home visits and administration. A lot of the time the nursing staff let patients know that we will help them as soon as we're available, and stand around the desk talking. Hence why almost all of the therapy staff are considering moving.
  • Not generally, no. Very quiet, everyone gets along. There's a little between my "friend" and coworker, but it's nothing really.
  • Yes there is, and it didn't always used to be this way. It all started when we hired this gal here... She brought so much drama and backbiting into this office!
  • There used to be... then I retired.
  • Not much. There is one little crisis addict who, thank Gawd, works on another shift so I only see her briefly in the morning and evening. Aside from her, it's a pretty stable, quiet group.
  • Sometimes, but most times I can ignore it, and if it concerns myself, I plead the igonrance and fif
  • Nope. Just on AB.
  • I work with all women so I am left out of the loop most of the time, hence I don't have to listen to or be aware of the drama if there is any....quite nice actually
  • Sometimes there's good drama, sometimes there's bad drama. Most of the time it's funny drama. I swear it's like watching a live soap opera.
  • yes as I manage a health club. Mostly female employees and one of them has a huge control issue
  • ..GAWD yes!! In this hospital theres Love Triangles. Idiots that can't do their job. Women who are always on their damn rag! Doctors with I'M GOD complex. But i'm pretty sure everyone has these kind of a-holes :D
  • People tend to gossip about each other, I try to have a deaf ear and rise above it.
  • yeah, I work at Wal-Mart and there is always something, some drama. He said she said, they did this, or didn't do this. It's non-stop and for some reason I am always in the middle of the drama. I stay away from it, in my department however whenever the manager get involved my name comes up as a witness for both sides. Drama everyday, hell i'm in the manager's office at least once a week because i supposely "heard or saw" someone saying or doing something wrong.
  • Enough to get me fired.
  • Not at all. I only work with three males... the drama tends to fly around when there are females working together.
  • Yes and all of it is unnessary things that shouldn't even be brought to the work place.

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