• I like a tropical climate , if I want snow i can go and find it somewhere,
  • I love the changing of seasons, and I always look forward to the next.
  • I live in Michigan and I hate winter. I would love to live in Hawaii! Besides, on the big island you can go snow skiing and snorkling in the same day!
  • I love the change of seasons. I don't really want something different. But, if I had to leave it, I would. I live in a sub-tropical climate.
  • Having lived all my life where the seasons change I can definitely say I would prefer a tropical climate. I lived in Long Beach, CA for a while and would love to move back there.
  • I would love the tropical climates and rainstorms + 5
  • I love all the seasons and especially the snow now that I have a granddaughter who enjoys it too.
  • I like it hot and sunny everyday on a tropical island .No seasons for me.I was brought up with them and have seen enough of them.
  • I lived my whole life in California, so I dont really know what a season is, but I would certainly trade that to be able to wear shorts and a tank top on news years eve!
  • I'd love to find a place where it is partly sunny and 68-78F most of the year. Maybe it rains once every week, but only on Wednesdays. Oh... and a good snowfall on Christmas Eve every year would be acceptable as well. :)
  • Remember, the phrase "the grass is always greener". I grew up in the snow, and I love the tropic environ. I now live in an area where we get a bit of snow (about an inch or so per year), and it rarely gets too warm. Best combination of both.
  • I love the change of seasons, summer and spring are beautiful times for flowers, fall is so nice to see the changing leaves and winter is cold but if it snows the snowflakes can be unique.
  • I was born and raised in Indiana (Think hog farms and corn fields.) where we had the four seasons in the traditional sense. I enjoyed the fall foliage and even some winter sports. I now reside in "World famous Cocoa Beach" and I can tell you from experience that a sub-tropical climate is just about perfect! For me anyway. BTW It's only rainy here during the summer months. There is something truly beautiful about a walk on the beach bare foot, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, on Christmas morning. :)
  • I love the change from summer to fall. That first day with crisp air and turning leaves.... It's beautiful. I could do without the freezing ice and snow of winter though!
  • I love the changes from Summer to Fall from Fall to the crisp cold air of winter although where I live it rarely snows here, but can get pretty cold. And then back to the simple beauty of Springs blossoms...simply awesome.
  • Reference: Japanese seasonal.

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