• You poor guy, here is a link to Lamaze.
  • Words to live by... and ya can take dat to da bank! ;)
  • My husband & I went for the birth of our first and we didn't bother with the next 2. We did learn from it
  • Nope, husband did not attend any birthing classes and neither did I. He didn't come along to any of the scans either - I really could not see any point and nor could he. The thing is, if your partner wants you to go along with her, then go you must. However much you dislike it - do not let it show. You see, if this is her first child then the chances are that she will be terrified and these classes or whatever, will help with this and allow her not to go into freefall panic every night when she goes to sleep. The more you worry, the worse it will be on the day. When it comes to it, you'll probably both forget some of the stuff you learnt but the parts about how to handle the baby after it's born will be invaluable. Let her take control of this and do as she asks with a wiling heart - and I realise this kind of stuff is not a 'man-thing'. Whatever you learn and however frightened you both get (and on the day you both will be) take heart in the fact that modern pain reliefs is absoulutely fantastic. Have fun in class and remember, no grumbling or shuddering or saying things like "dear god, this is too much information and 'no' I would not like to look at the picture" Good luck.

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